"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

11 March 2016

Almost Spring Faves

Friday! Time to look back over the week and share FIVE of my FAVES.  We do this by linking up at Susanne's space.

My faves are focused on little blessings that say "it's almost spring!"

  • GIFTS! My husband arrived back home late last Saturday evening from his week-long missions trip to Guatemala.  He brought back some faves of mine:  a ceramic mug and Guatemalan organic coffee.  Can you say amazing????  It is just divine. Rich, strong, smooth.  Perfect.  We've brewed it all week long.  He also brought the girls some gifts and surprised me with a real jade cross necklace and matching earrings (the earrings are in a teardrop shape).  I'm so thankful Dave was able to do this late winter missions trip.

  • NEW DECOR:  I put away the rest of the winter decor (we still have had no snow other than about 4 inches total the ENTIRE winter season here in the Capital Region of New York State....it truly is unusual) and bought 2 new items for the home. The "doxology" is something I have always wanted to have as a print and when I saw it in Hobby Lobby last weekend, I rushed to get it.....there were only 3 left!  It hangs on the wall in our half-bath off the kitchen, replacing a winter scene of birch trees in snow.  The wooden box plaque depicts a line from one of my favorite Easter hymns. I'm thankful spring is on its way as well as the Easter celebration.

  • DINNER OUT!  Last Friday evening, I drove up to my sister Joy's to meet her for dinner.  We went to this place and it was excellent.  Great service, good food, good drinks, and amazing homemade ice cream (yes, I splurged on coffee chocolate chip!). Afterwards, I stopped at her house to borrow a couple of books and say Hi to my nephew Luke who was home from college for the weekend. It was good to spend time with my sister and the evening had that early spring smell to it. I'm thankful I live close to 2 of my 3 younger sisters.

  • SERIES FINALE!  This show. In my opinion this has been the best television show in over 10 years.  Downton Abbey has been amazing.  For those of you who know it, can you believe we said Good bye on Sunday evening??  How my family is going to miss it. It was the one time we all sat together during the week, in the evening, and enjoyed a tv program.  (my oldest of course watched it while she was away at college and now that she is back living at home, she joined us).  We will miss all of  the characters and the Dowager's wit!! I'm thankful the series ended with everything being nice and tidy.  

  • POWER OF PRAYER: This doesn't really have anything to do with the end of winter but...I HAD to include it after the week we've had.  I can't go into all the details due to lack of time but my husband ended up in the hospital in the middle of his work day.....I myself was dealing with something physical, on top of a lyme disease flare-up, so having the power of prayer to lean on, really has to make my faves list.  Getting an encouraging text from my pastor's wife while waiting literally HOURS in the hospital for my husband to be released, after a long day at work, just was the icing on the cake.  I'm so thankful for Christian brothers and sisters/friends and for my own biological sisters  who pray and encourage.  My husband ended up being fine, my flare-up could still use some prayer, but we are persevering through with the strength of Christ.

I hope you all are experiencing some lovely late winter/early spring weather like we are here in eastern New York.  It's been so mild.....go out and enjoy the weekend!!


Deb said...

Hi Faith - so glad to know that your husband is home and doing better. I hope you are feeling better soon as well. I love your plaques with lines from hymns. I love them so much, I am going to look for some of those for my own home! How wonderfully positive and uplifting they are! I loved the ending of Downtown Abbey too and agree with you that it has been a wonderful show. I will miss it, but have all the seasons on dvd, so I imagine I will pull them out now and then and watch them again. It's always fun to check in and see how your life is going at the end of the week. I had another super busy week trying to get grades done, but managed to finish in time to post my Friday Faves. Enjoy your weekend!

Jerralea said...

I never did watch Downton Abbey ... maybe I should if it ever comes on netflix, or does it already?

Love the doxology plaque!

So glad your hubby was okay and that you have people to pray when you need it. True wealth is having praying friends.

ellen b said...

Glad you got support and encouragement from your Christian friends. I didn't realize you have suffered from lyme disease. Another bloggy friend that I got to meet in person has really been suffering and it took a long time to get the right diagnosis. I hope your flare-ups stay calm.
Oh how we sighed and were sad to see Downton come to an end. Thoroughly enjoyed the series.
Have a wonderful weekend.

Barbara H. said...

My sister-in-law was diagnosed with Lyme's after having been misdiagnosed for a long time. Nasty stuff. Hope you feel better soon - so glad hubby was released and hope he is doing better.

I was so sorry to see Downton Abbey come to a close but glad they went out on a high note. What nice gifts and decorations! Your time with your sisters sounds like great fun.

Mia said...

That is a warm, dry winter for you guys! We stole all your snow here in the Mid-Atlantic. ;)
I LOVE that doxology print! We sing it to our kids every night when we turn out the lights and I got a print from She Reads Truth to put up in the bathroom they share. I highly recommend checking out She Reads Truth for amazing bible verses and hymns turned into gorgeous art. :) They also have some great bible study journals.
Everyone is talking about the Downton finale!! I stopped watching after (spoiler alert!) they killed off Cybil and Matthew... perhaps I should pick it back up and finish out the series. :)

nikkipolani said...

You are so right about the encouragement of prayers and support of others praying with you. I don't know how people do it with all the difficulty of life-in-general. So good to know your husband is okay (love that mug he chose for you) -- and will pray for your flare-up.

Willow said...

How did I not know that you had had Lyme's Disease?? I too am thankful for the prayers of the saints on our behalf. That was a wonderful and thoughtful thing your pastor's wife did.
I hope Dave is ok! I hope everything is alright.

Wendy said...

Well hopefully all the good things you wrote about helped to balance the horrible stuff. I'm glad to hear your hubby was ok and hope that you both continue improving. Prayer is a powerful thing :)

Susanne said...

Love that print...both the saying and the spring feel about it! I need to get spring decor out. Sigh, won't be happening till after the wedding though. Just too busy to dig that out right now. What a sweet gift from your hubby. Prayer is such a powerful thing. Glad Dave is alright and saying a prayer you will be totally fine too in quick time!

Melanie Lopata said...

Cute decor!!! And yay for gifts (especially having to do with COFFEE!!!). I haven't seen Downton Abbey but maybe it's on Netflix and I can start from beginning?