"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

04 March 2016

Live Life Faves

February seemed to fly by this year and I honestly think (for me anyways) that it's because we had such a mild winter here in eastern New York State.  I mean seriously.....hardly ANY snow.  NOT ONCE did we need the snow blower or the heavy shovel.  In fact, we have an entire bag of salt that we only used once after some freezing rain.  It was most unusual.

Here we are into March........and with the start of this new month, I am sharing FIVE FAVES and linking up with others who do this, at Susanne's space.  How about joining in? 

  • VINTAGE!  My sister Hope  no longer wanted these vintage 1940s dishes passed down from my mother.  Hope has the dinner set but wanted to get rid of the cream and sugar set. She gave them to me when I was out at her place in central NY a couple weeks ago.  I LOVE them and decided WHY should I keep them on a shelf?  So, I'm using them!  Dave and I like a small tsp of sugar in our morning coffee so it sits next to our brewer.  And the creamer sits in the dining room waiting for my small group or another social event when I will fill it with cream or milk.  I love  this set and it brings back so many memories of childhood and something I can pass down to my own daughters. Use your vintage pieces and live life!!

  • LUNCH DATE:  Last Saturday, one of my longtime friends from childhood came out here to the Capital Region (she still lives out in the central part of the state) to visit me for the day.  We ended up going out to lunch at a local diner and had a fabulous meal. We then did a quick nature walk in a local park but we didn't last long as the wind was super cold and biting.  We went back home and had hot cups of tea and literally chatted all afternoon until she had to leave around 5:30 pm.  What a wonderful time I had with my godly friend Diane.  I'm so thankful we can live life together and be prayer partners.

Tammy and Mike

my 7 yr old niece Mady and I

my youngest sis Jill and her 2 daughters:  Emma (almost 13) and Mady(7)

  • COFFEEHOUSE CONCERT: My brother-in-law Mike (married to my youngest sister Jill) and his sister Tammy gave a concert last Saturday at this coffeehouse which is located in Glens Falls, about 40 minutes north of where I live.  Mike and Jill live just outside Glens Falls and it's a lovely small city with great restaurants, pubs, etc. One of the ladies from my small group (Debra) and I went together and another couple from church met us up there.  Great food, fellowship and a great mix of music:  folk, rock, pop, americana, Christian contemp.  I love doing life with my friends and I'm thankful for this fun evening away.

  • TEXT MESSAGES:  My husband Dave left with a missions team very early last Saturday morning for Guatemala.  I received a text a few days later saying what every wife wants to hear "I love you and miss you". I'm excited for him and the other members as they are seeing God move down in the school and hospital where they are serving.  He is living life.....trying to represent Jesus well...and he definitely has a passion for missions. I'm very proud of him and so thankful God put us together.

  • WORSHIP:  Last Sunday's worship at church was just what I needed.   The lyrics and the music really spoke to me.....spiritually and emotionally. I love when that happens.  Even my teenager was singing along.  How I live doing life with the body of believers I worship with...and how I love our worship team for helping us praise our Savior! The sermon was excellent, too!
That wraps up my faves list.

What was something you were blessed with this week??


Paula said...

I'm glad that you are putting those dishes to good use instead of letting them sit on a shelf. I collect vintage Pyrex dishes, and I use them all the time. How wonderful that Dave was able to go on a mission's trip! I pray that God will use this time to change his life as well as the lives of those he is ministering to.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a really good week apart from hubby being so far away but at least with modern day technology you can keep in touch.

Barbara H. said...

What a pretty set! If I had anything vintage, I'd definitely use it! I use my creamer as a vase since no one we know uses creak or milk in their coffee. The lunch dare and concert sound fun! How sweet to hear that from your hubby. Hope his trip goes well.

Jerralea said...

Loved your "live life" theme this week. This is what we are to do - to enjoy the abundant life God has given us - and give thanks for it!

Love the vintage creamer set. I'm quite the dish collector you know, and I'm a big believer in using them!

Karen said...

That little sugar and creamer set is sweet! I love using the 'good' stuff for everyday and do it often. I want my kids to have memories of using pieces that are meaningful to our family, so that it won't just be a bunch of old stuff when they get it all one day!

Susanne said...

Love the cream and sugar set! And nice to hear that you are using it. I've started taking out my "good" stuff to use more often too rather than having them in a cupboard unused and unenjoyed. Cute nieces...it's so nice that you and your sister live close enough to visit! And wonderful that you were also able to visit with an old friend this week!

Willow said...

I was wondering why you were doing things and going places without Dave until I read 'he's in Guatemala'. Yay! I'm glad he is there and serving with a missions heart.
I try to use my 'good' and 'vintage' stuff, too. I use a square milk glass vase to hold my asparagus!

nikkipolani said...

I was just talking to someone from Manhattan who thought she was becoming too accustomed to the mild weather! I guess it doesn't take long.

How fun to have something passed down through your family, something special with built-in memories. Great connections this week, Faith, with your friends and far-for-now husband.