"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

02 March 2016

Listen: to the sound of silence

I am linking up for the first time at The Loft!

Here is my post related to the topic of "Listen".   Although I wrote this about 2 years ago when my verse of the year was "Be still (listen!) and know that I am God".  I thought I would share it again.  And because I have to leave for work in 30 minutes!  Once I am on summer vacation from the teaching, I will write more for this weekly venue.  I've just discovered it and it's quite good!

Just click on the link below :)

enjoy the day.....listening to His still small Voice............and the sounds....of silence...........


Leah Adams said...

Faith, welcome to The Loft. We are so glad you joined us for our weekly link-up. I loved your post. It reminded me of the need to be still and quiet, just listening for God's heartbeat. I've done that quite a bit over the past month. It has been a beautiful and wonderful thing. Hope to see you back here!

Michele Morin said...

Welcome and thank you! I also shared an older post about a book that I read concerning listening. This is a wonderful place to meet and learn from others who are pursuing godliness!

Jerralea said...

Faithe, I'm excited you are here! Linking up old posts is totally fine if it fits in the category for the week. I think you will meet some great bloggers here.

Again, welcome!

Carlie said...

Faithe, it is so refreshing to read how you embrace the stillness and use it as an opportunity to hear from God. So many of us are afraid of the quiet and stillness seems to be a rare gift to many. May God continue to bless you as you listen to Him in silence.

Just Joy said...

Welcome to The Loft. Discovered it myself not so very long ago and am enjoying it immensely.

Loved your post. I could feel my heart rate settle as I read. There is so much richness to hear in the silence.