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28 March 2016

It's Simple, Really

I've been reading from a new -to- me devotional book every few days.  I like to do this in the late afternoons after work, when I have time to add my own thoughts or Scriptures in a writing journal that my oldest daughter gave to me a few years ago and that I hadn't even opened until March 1st, a few weeks ago.

The title on the writing journal is from Lamentations 3:

His mercies never fail; they are new every morning.
So...this is the title on the writing journal.  And.....the funny thing is, that the very first entry for the new devo book I began is from Lamentations 3:22-23 "His mercies never end.  They are new every morning."

And what a powerful message was in that short reading!  I found it amusing that  God wanted to drive this point home for me.....from the pages right into my heart.

Basically, the main points from the devotional were that we are running a race.  And sometimes, on that race of life....this ever changing journey as a Believer, we sin.  We do.  We all have sinned.....little sins, big sins......doesn't matter. We all sin.  And yet.....

.....it's simple, really.

We have the grace and mercy of Jesus Christ!  We are no longer slaves to sin!  Because of what our Redeemer did on that cross......by shedding His blood and taking on our sins, we are free!!  Free to accept that eternal gift of salvation....free to live forever!

And even as we struggle with daily sins...and we all will....the mercy and compassion of Christ cover us............

His mercies are new every.single.morning.

We have a prize waiting for us as we finish that race............our prize is that eternal life when we place our trust in Jesus.....as we give Him our sins, accept His free gift, believe He has risen and is coming again, and confess those sins......we will see heaven.

Great is His faithfulness.


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