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01 April 2016

Early Spring Faves

It's April!!  And spring began a couple of weeks ago, but last week I was way too busy with Easter preparations to participate in the FFF.

Today, I am sharing some highlights from the last 2 weeks.......and linking up with Susanne who hosts this each week.

Dave with neighbors Melissa and Paul
19 March 
  • GAME NIGHT!  The evening before Palm Sunday, Dave and I hosted our annual Game Night for my small group and our closest friends.  There were 8 of us that evening but one couple had to go home due to an emergency so missed the photo.  What fun we had playing this game, eating some yummy snacks, and enjoying coffee and cocktails. We enjoyed a couple of hours of laughing our heads off and being thankful for all the great memories we have created with these friends over the years.

photo courtesy of Courtney E T
TWELVE 2:  Twelve 2 is the young adult social/Bible Study group my oldest daughter joined after graduating from college and moving back home.  It is for any young adult in our church who falls in the age category of 18-30.  There are MANY of them. They meet every other Friday evening. This is just a sample of some of them....the ones who showed up on Saturday before Palm Sunday to clean the church and give the custodians a break. It was their big service project.  My daughter is pictured in the front row with her hand on her hip.  She has several good friends from this group.  She also belongs to a small group that meets once a week for a more intimate setting and Bible study. I'm thankful she has a good group of friends to do life with.

image courtesy of Grace Fellowship Church
PASSION ROAD/EASTER: This year, both my husband and I were in our church's Holy Week outreach to the community:  Passion Road.  I'm in the 5th scene seated on the stage with the feeding of the 5000 and my husband is in the Crucifixion scene. There were about 350 volunteers to make this event happen. Make sure your computer's/device's sound is turned up.  Our senior pastor is the one narrating.  We had over 4,000 people drive through this year!  It was cold but thankfully it didn't rain any of the 3 nights! It was such a great experience to be a part of this.  I'm so thankful I was able to do this.  And Easter Sunday was just wonderful.  A great message followed by the 4 of us going out to dinner and then enjoying a most relaxing evening.

  • POWER WALKING!  I am back to power walking after work.  Now that the days are staying lighter longer, and the temps are starting to really warm up, I'm loving that I can have outdoor work outs!  My new goal is to walk 2 miles each day, 4 times a week. (on the weeks I don't hike!) Sometimes I even have time to do a little more.
Claire and Noah
  • PROM!  My youngest daughter has been casually dating a guy from her class at school since January 2015.  This past week, he showed up at the ballet studio with the poster pictured above that said "There is no pointe (get it??) in going to prom without you".  She was SO surprised.  His mom had told me this was going to happen and I had to keep quiet for 3 days...........his younger sister took a video of it but she didn't give me permission to post it.  Junior Prom is in the beginning of June so they still have plenty of time to make their plans but Claire already has her gown!  I'm so thankful this guy is a great kid.  Time sure flies....so hard to believe my baby ballerina is getting ready for her junior prom!

Those are just some highlights from the last couple of weeks...I'm also thankful that our new fridge arrived and that it is MUCH better than our former one.  I'm thankful that my husband is feeling well and his cardiologist said he could go off the blood thinner!  That is a big answer to prayer.

What were some faves from your week?  Please share!

Happy Weekend,


Wendy said...

Wow sounds like a busy but lovely two weeks. I love games like Balderdash. Enjoy your weekend.

Barbara H. said...

The game night sounds so fun. It's great your daughter has such a good group to meet and serve with. The Passion Road outreach looks amazing. That prom invitation is so sweet. Great news about your husband getting off the blood thinner.

shortybear said...

nice happenings.

ellen b said...

Such good news and answer to prayer for you hubby. PTL
Looks like a great two weeks. A very nice invite to the prom!
Hope you have a nice weekend.

Susanne said...

I have yet to take a few moments and watch the Passion Road video but I will get to it probably tonight! So nice that your church has a good sized group of young adults. Ours is seriously lacking that and my YA daughter struggles with that. Great invite to the prom.

Susanne said...

Finally had a chance to watch Passion Road. What a great production. So well done. I can't believe how many people it too who volunteered their time and did that for how many nights? Well done!

nikkipolani said...

Those connections with good friends are so precious, aren't they? And it sounds like your kids have been building lots of terrific memories. The prom poster was pretty clever.