"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

08 April 2016

April Faves

Another Friday and time to look back and share FIVE of our FAVE blessings from the past week.  It was a tough beginning but a pretty good ending to this one.  I praise God that His mercies are new every morning.

  • HOUSEHOLD HELP:  Last Friday while still at work, I came down with some kind of nasty flu bug that hit so many students and teachers at work.  I was pretty much down for the entire weekend.  I thank God that my husband was able to go out and run the errands like grocery shopping and my girls could help with housework, cooking meals, etc.  It really made things a bit calmer for me.  Thankfully it was just a 24 hour thing but for the next 2 days I felt very wiped out!  It is a blessing to have some help around the house.

  • SUNSHINE!  Well, here in eastern NY we finally got some snow.  It was actually rather humorous that it arrived on Monday and piled up about 5 inches.  Since I had taken a sick day to recuperate, I ended up going out to shovel off the driveway and just loved that the sunshine was starting to come out.  We made it through the entire winter with barely any snow here and now that it is April, it is cold again.  BUT....the sunshine that we did see this week has been a blessing. 

  • COMPANY: Our oldest daughter has a very good friend (Nathaniel) from college and they hadn't spent any significant time together since last May when they graduated. He lives with his parents outside of Boston and we have met his family.  However, he had never been to our home here in NY before. So, he has been visiting most of the week and had to fly out today  to attend an internship program. What fun we had with him all week.  I just loved having him for a few days!

  • WINE AND RELAXATION:  Wednesday was a LONG day in the kindergarten. The students had so many various academic lessons and the special needs students were a bit unfocused. Let's just say it was a difficult afternoon and leave it at that.  So, after cooking a dinner of parmesan chicken, garlic bread, steamed broccoli and tossed salad, Courtney and Nate decided to make wine spritzers.  Dave and I decided to have one too. The wine was the perfect way to relax after a long, full day.

  • FOYLE'S WAR:  Dave and I have just discovered, compliments of Netflix, this BBC series.  And wow....we are hooked!!  So far we've only seen a couple of episodes as we rarely have time to watch television during the work week.  This is going to be our Friday evening thing I believe for some weeks to come.  We are loving everything about this series.  And having it set during WW2 is a definite fave.  What a blessing to have so many good choices available on instant streaming.
So it wasn't a super exciting week but these little things helped me realize there really ARE blessings in the mundane and ordinary.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Susanne said...

Hubby had that same flu. It really wiped him out for a few days too. Nice that Courtney could have a good visit with her college friend. I know my girl really misses her friends from bible school and it's nice when they can reconnect.

Barbara H. said...

So glad you are over that awful flu. It's nice when others can pitch in and get things done when Mom is out of commission. Glad your daughter's friend could come and visit. I have not seen Foyle's War - will have to keep it in mind.

Wendy said...

Glad it was a shortlived bug and sounds like there were some good things going on this week. Nice to see our BBC programmes doing well in the US

shortybear said...

glad the bug is gone

Willow said...

Foyle's War!! We loved that series! And did you know there has been a continuation series set just after WWII? We have watched ALL the original series' episodes and a few of the new series.
I hope you're fully recovered now.
Snow in April! My kids got it last week too.