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06 May 2016

First May Faves

Time to share the FIVE FAVES from the past 2 weeks since I missed last week's due to being away for Spring Break. 

I'm thankful for Susanne hosting this writing activity each week and allowing us to link up and share our blessings from the week because it is so important to recognize the big and small things that God brings to us.

the Central Adirondacks and Rich Lake with the High Peaks in the background
as seen from the fire tower on Goodnow Mountain
Newcomb, NY

hiking friends:  Pat, Faith, Diane, Cheryl
  • HIKING!  The first Saturday of spring break found me trekking up a fire tower mountain I had done with Dave and the girls back in the autumn of 2007.  It is called Goodnow Mt and this time around, I brought a new-to-hiking-mountains friend of mine from church.  Diane loved the hike and climbing the tower.  The day was actually cloudy and chilly but by the time we got to the summit (2 miles up) the sun was out and it was warming up.  On top of the fire tower the wind was fierce but the sun was glorious for a little while. Two other hiking friends came too and one of them was someone I just met that day.  What fun we had!  It was the perfect start to vacation!

historic waterwheel on Eastern University Campus
Wayne, PA

the Eastern Eagle sculpture

  • COLLEGE VISIT!  On Wednesday the 27th of April, after being in the Valley Forge area the previous afternoon/night, Claire (my youngest) and I toured Eastern University.  This was her 2nd college tour this semester and although it is not in her top 3 choices, it might be her "safety school". It is a beautiful college campus and is ranked the 3rd most beautiful Christian college campus in the USA and the 5th most beautiful in the world!  This is the only Christian college/university she is looking at. We had a wonderful tour guide followed by a delicious lunch in their main dining hall and then an interview with an admissions counselor.  The most impressive thing was the campus itself.....the grounds are exquisite.  We took many photos.  It was built on the estate of a millionnaire and the university built around the original buildings and even use the original mansion and other buildings.  There are 3 lakes on campus and a small pond as well as an outdoor pool.  I was impressed with the spiritual life described.  I'm thankful we took the tour and had safe travels.  I'm also glad Claire got to compare a smaller university with the other bigger ones we have toured and will tour this summer.  Here are some more photos:
one of the administration buildings, part of the original estate

on the walk from Admissions Office to the rest of campus

the walkway to the main dining hall

one of the lovely lakes where students study in the sun

shaped like an anatomically correct heart that the millionaire had built for his wife
the former mansion is used for classrooms and offices!

  • REST!  After the EU tour, Claire and I drove about 80 miles to the Hershey, PA area and stayed with one of my husband's relatives. My husband's father's youngest cousin and his wife were/are Christians. MJ is someone whom I consider to be a friend as well as a family member and "sister in Christ". We hadn't seen her since the autumn of 2012 before her husband died. She is only a few years older than me and we had a lovely time...she is an excellent hostess.  The sleeping in, the relaxing mornings, fun afternoons of shopping and eating out was just what I needed for the remainder of spring break.  Claire had fun with her cats and I enjoyed the always full coffee pot!

  • Afternoon Coffee:  for some reason, I have been craving an afternoon coffee most of the week. (probably because I had it almost every afternoon while at MaryJo's!) Monday, after work, I enjoyed some devotional time with my coffee...it was the perfect way to begin the work week after the Spring Break.

  • New Song!  This song really spoke to my heart this past week. She is the female lead of this music group and married to the son of our former worship leader at our church.  The worship leader has since moved to a different church but I see posts on social media all the time about the family.  Listen to it!!  It's amazing.  Here's the link to the song/video

That wraps up the last 2 weeks.

What's a blessing that God brought into your life??  Please do share in the comment section!

Happy weekend!


aspiritofsimplicity said...

How lovely to be able to spend time with family members. I like a cup of coffee or tea in the afternoon as well.

Wendy said...

What a great time you had and how exciting to be touring campuses with your daughter. I'm a tea person myself and usually stop for one in the afternoon.

Barbara H. said...

So nice to have a restful time after a busy time - glad you got to have both on your spring break. The college looks and sounds nice.

Jerralea said...

Sounds like a perfect Spring Break for you! Loved all your photos.

nikkipolani said...

You and Claire made good use of Spring Break and it's fun to see your highlights. That EU campus is certainly beautiful.

Karen said...

We've had some cool days, and I've enjoyed hot beverages in the afternoon, too. Eastern University has a beautiful campus. Thank you for the tour!

Willow said...

Your spring break sounds like it was just what you needed. I love all those hikes you do!
Off to check on EU :)

Susanne said...

The cat on Claire's lap looks like our Eddie. That looks like an absolutely lovely campus.