"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

03 June 2016

Late Spring Faves

It's June!  And only 13  more days of work/school.  Actually, my youngest, only has a week of classes left in her junior year of high school and then class and state exams begin. 

 For now, I'm reflecting back on the week and sharing FIVE FAVES that were special blessings from God.  It's good to give thanks to the Lord and I love this community from Susanne's site who also participate.

  • HEALTHY SUGAR!  I have been wanting to get away from using refined cane sugar in my coffee and in my homemade baking and I finally found one that is HEALTHY!  I refuse to buy artificial sweeteners due to all the chemicals in them and although I have used Stevia in the past, it is not really a taste I like.  This one is awesome: unrefined organic coconut sugar!  And since I'm only using it for baking and I'm the only one using it for coffee, this bag will last awhile.  It has a very light undertone of caramel but you can barely notice it.  I love it!
the Mohawk Valley with the Mohawk River in the background
Central NYS

  • FAMILY VISIT:  On Saturday, I had to drive out to Central NY near my hometown in the Mohawk Valley where one of my younger sisters lives with her husband and my dad. My dad is 84 and has just been diagnosed with Alzheimer's.  After being with family, I then drove to a small town to meet one of my hometown childhood friends (we have been friends since we were babies!) and we met for some antique shopping, dinner out at a delicious tavern and then spent some time in prayer together.  It was a very special time. I'm so thankful for my friend Diane and for my sister Hope and her husband Donny for taking care of Dad.
the rock trail 
easy flat part of the trail towards the summit

Bennington, Vermont spread out below

Harmon Hill summit
Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont
  • HIKING IN VERMONT!  On Sunday, I led a hike up this small mountain in Woodford, Vermont which is about an hour east of our home in the capital region of NY.  Friends from church joined me. It  was a HOT and HUMID hike...but so much fun.  It was a new trail for all of us......and only my third time hiking in Vermont. The trail was only 1.7 miles long to get to the summit but the first mile was all rock scrambling.  It was a bit steep.  Once we got past the first mile, the last little bit was all flat and wooded.  Just beautiful and shady with a nice breeze.  We ate lunch at the top which overlooked the Green Mountain National Forest, the village of Bennington, and off in the distance we could see the NYS Adirondack High Peaks!! Hiking in Vermont is quite different from hiking in NY.  There are less pines/evergreens and less marked trails.  But it was fun to be among all those maple trees with their lovely shade in the blistering heat.  Once we were done and back to the cars, a nice drop in temperature happened as well as a rain storm!  We made it out of the woods just in time.  It was a lovely day and I'm thankful for friends who love to hike!
Dave in his kayak on Moreau Lake

in my green kayak following Dave
  • KAYAKING!  On Memorial Day, Dave and I decided, after he was called in to work in the morning to help solve a computer crisis, and I spent the morning mulching and weeding, to go for an hour paddle on the lake.  The humidity had broken and the weather was in the low 80s. It was the perfect late spring day that felt more like summer.  I loved every minute!! After about an hour, we drove back home to read and relax on the deck and then I made BBQ chicken.......I'm thankful for a fun, long weekend!

  • FLOWERS!  My irises and the first of my roses on my front yard bush are open!  For some reason, the irises did NOT do well this year...I don't know if the mild winter then the early spring snow ruined them  (there were shoots up in February due to how warm and sunny our winter was!) or what but usually that whole side of the house you see pictured above (the southern side) is full of irises. Those two I photographed were only 2 of 4!! I've had them since about 1997 and every year since then an entire row of them have come up.  I only got 2 in the front yard flower bed and usually there I have 8. So...we are perplexed.  BUT..both rose bushes (one is still very small) have buds and blooms!!  I LOVE my tea roses. Of course, spring is almost over and our last day of work/school is the day after the first day of summer......there's nothing like all the various flowers that come up during the late spring and summer.  I'm thankful for the variety!

That wraps up my week.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend, make sure you take time to worship, relax and recharge!  As for me??  Our ballerina has the Dance Show photo shoot in the morning tomorrow followed by a hair appointment for the JUNIOR PROM!  YES...my baby is going to the junior prom...where does the time go?  For now...I need to get to work, then take her to get her nails done after school.  Enjoy the weekend everyone!


Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week with lots going on but sorry to hear about your Dad. Hope your daughter has a great prom.

Barbara H. said...

I love irises and have just been wondering how they would do here. Glad a few came up for you - maybe you'll have more next year. The roses are pretty! Glad you had time with your family, friend, hiking and kayaking this week!

Susanne said...

Lovely reward of a beautiful day, nice view at the top and lunch with friends in God's creation...what's better than that?! Everytime I see someone with a kayak on top of their car I think of you now.