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10 June 2016

Random Faves

It's Friday already!!  This week has really flown by.  Maybe it's because yesterday was my youngest daughter's last day of 11th grade!!  Today she has her Honors Pre-Calc exam and tomorrow morning the ACT for college admissions.  Then all next week she has exams.  We both are done on June 22.  

For now, I am reflecting back on the week and finding some random faves.  All of them are blessings.

How about joining in by linking up your FIVE FAVES with Susanne, our gracious hostess?  You can find the info here.

  • DAIRY FREE BUTTER!  I stopped eating regular butter about 2 years ago and was buying a brand that had less cholesterol but wasn't very tasty.  Now my youngest is dariy free (by choice) and I just discovered this non-GMO, dairy-free, gluten-free, no trans fat spread that actually TASTES like butter!  We are loving it!  I don't really use it all that much except on an ocassional piece of toast or in cooking and the shelf life is long.  It does need to stay in the fridge.  I highly recommend it!  (and my bad cholesterol will hopefully go down even more now!)

Prom Hair!

Our Claire, the ballerina and her boyfriend Noah
at Crossings (town park)
Junior Prom Jump!

Noah and Claire at our house

Ready for the limo!
from l-r:  Alexis and Eric, Claire and Noah, Liza and Marvin
  • JUNIOR PROM!  Claire had her first prom!  The junior prom is a HUGE deal at our high school.  It is held on a boat with a cruise down the Hudson River from 8-11 pm.  The teens all love it and it is a bigger deal than the senior prom the next year. Claire has been dating Noah for over a year now.  Everyone in the limo was a junior except for the girl in the peach gown.  She is just a sophomore.  But she and Eric have been dating for quite awhile. What fun Claire had going to the town park to get photos done and then off to the boat for the cruise.  When they were done with Prom, the 6 of them, plus one of Claire's best friends, went to the town diner for pancakes and fries. They said the boat food wasn't that great and they were all starving!  I love seeing the teens all dressed up and thankfully no one was hurt that night.  All were safe......we are very thankful for that as it is a huge class of over 400 teens.

  • VEGETARIAN DINNERS!  I made 3 vegetarian dinners this week.  Our fave one was the fajitas in a bowl recipe I tweaked from a magazine.  The recipe calls for grilled beef steak cut into strips but I left that out and added black beans and corn to jasmine rice plus the fajita seasonings.  I then tore Romaine lettuce into bite-sized pieces, cut a red pepper into strips along with sliced red onion, shredded Mexican cheeses, chopped tomatoes, and peach salsa.  The girls had theirs in a tortilla wrap and Dave and I just had it like salad.  I also added fresh fruit (strawberries and nectarines) to the table and it was a most delicious meal on a warm evening.

  • THIRD INTERVIEW!  Our oldest daughter had a successful third interview for the design job she applied for way back in March. My goodness, but NYS is slow!!  They told her they still won't know for at least another two weeks.  But getting to the third meeting stage has GOT to be a good sign, right??  She thinks it is between her self and one other person based on what they implied.  Please keep her in prayer.  She really desires to start her design career and it has now been one year since she graduated from college!

  • Hot Coffee:  the past few mornings have been chilly here in eastern NY.  A rain storm came through briefly on Tuesday and cooled everything down.  I love it because we can sleep with windows open and get such great fresh air.  But what's even better is the hot coffee first thing in the morning and a nice hot cup to relax with right after work before cooking dinner.  Makes my day!
What makes your fave list this week??  please feel free to share!



shortybear said...

Claire is beautiful

Ann said...

The hairdo is BEAUTIFUL!!! As is your daughter!!

Barbara H. said...

Claire is so pretty! Glad the prom went well and was so much fun.

Yay for a third interview! I think that's a very good sign indeed!

Karen said...

Insert groan here for long application processes. My son is going through something similar. Soooo hard to be on the waiting end, isn't it?

I second coffee as a favorite!

Enjoy your weekend, Faithe.

ellen b said...

Your daughter is so lovely along with that great prom hair! Fun times. I love my hot cuppa in the morning. Hope you have a great weekend!

Wendy said...

Proms are such an exciting thing for youngsters. Your daughter looked lovely. I hope all goes with the job for your older daughter. Job hunting can be so stressful.

Susanne said...

We don't do proms here. Not in my Canadian city anyway, not sure about elsewhere. The big dress up is graduation. Claire and her friends all look lovely and how fun to have it on a boat cruise!

Love fajitas. They make such an easy hot day dinner!

Good luck to Claire on her exams.