"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

17 June 2016

Mid-June Faves

Friday.  And after today, only 3 more days of school for the elementary students in our district.  My last day of work is Wed the 22nd and I am so happy we had a great school year...although it sure did fly by!   Our youngest has one more exam (Physics regents) on Tuesday and then she is officially a senior in high school!  All of my students I worked with are moving on to 1st grade and I am hoping to stay in kindergarten next year.

For now...I'm joining in with my FIVE FAVES by linking up at Susanne's site.  It is good to give thanks to God...even for the small things.

  • CENTRAL NY VISIT:  Sunday after the early service, Dave and I took off for a visit out to my hometown area of Central New York to visit my dad who was placed in a nursing home for rehab last week.  Dad looked great and has been eating well. His memory was in and out but he did recognize us and could carry on a conversation for a little bit.  It is difficult to see him going downhill so quickly though.  I praise God my dad knows the Savior......I think my dad just misses my mom so much and just wants to go to heaven.

  • RAINY DAY: This makes my fave list because last Saturday was a rainy day and because of that, I was able to just have a relaxing day after a couple of errands.  While on my errands, the heavens just opened up and it began to pour and stayed a steady rain for most of the day.  I did quite a bit of housework, laundry, baked some cinnamon bread, and put a chicken stew in the slow cooker.  The rest of the afternoon was spent reading and catching up on some bill paying. I'm thankful for rainy days that turn into times of relaxation. In the evening, I watched a Netflix movie and just enjoyed a nice glass of wine.  A wonderful relaxing day!

  • COOLER EVENINGS/SUNNY DAYS: I love cooler temps at night.  Some people are complaining already that it has been too cold lately, but they are forgetting that summer is not officially here yet!  It is still Spring!!  The beautiful sunny days have been perfect for getting the students outside for recess and for lounging on my deck after work with a nice cup of coffee.  I'm loving this weather!

  • BORROWING BOOKS:  I love borrowing books from the library but the latest Mitford book hasn't been available.  When I was out visiting Dad on Sunday, Dave and I stopped at my sister Hope's and lo and behold...there was the book I wanted to read! For those of you who are Mitford fans, I am talking about Jan Karon's latest about Dooley's wedding.  I haven't started it yet as I'm finishing up a library book, but Hope said I could  borrow it as she has already read it.  I'm thankful for good books!

  • WORK FUN:  Not many people like their job which always perplexes me.  Why do a job you dislike???  I loved being a special education teacher way back before my oldest was 2, but I have to say this being a special ed aide is pretty fun too.  No more IEP's to write, no parent conferences to conduct, no IEP meetings, no family court appearances, no home visits, etc etc.  I just get to work with the students.  And the work team this year has been phenomenal!  There is the classroom teacher, 2 of us TA's, another TA who comes in with a student who is there part of the day, and the speech therapists, OT, and PT.  We have a blast.  Lots of laughs, good fun with the children, and with each other.  This week especially has been loads of fun with playing with the baby chicks and ducks, seeing the children really begin to do some creative writing without a lot of adult support, and just being more relaxed with the end of the school year.  I'm so thankful for a fun job!!

That wraps up my faves list.

What about you?  What are you thankful for this week?


Willow said...

If you have a great teacher, being an aide is great too.
A day at home? Bliss. I'm glad you were able to enjoy your downtime at home. (I used to dislike rain, but now I am a huge fan of rainy days since I don't have to deal with rainy day school schedules--although we seldom have any.)
You are SO close to summer!! Yay!

Barbara H. said...

It's been feeling like summer here with temps in or near the 90s. We were hoping for some much-needed rain this week but didn't get much.

It's hard for me to imagine school going on into late June - schools get out in late May here. But I imagine your schools start later. Ours start mid-August.

I'm sorry about your Dad. So hard to see our parents decline. I'm so thankful he knows Jesus as His Savior and will be ready when his time comes.

The latest Mitford book is a little different from the previous ones but still excellent.

ellen b said...

Sounds like a good week. I was always excited as a teacher and student for the year to end and the summer to look forward to. My dear old pop would be real happy to leave this earth and join my mom. Enjoy the cool days...I know I would. Love a stay at home and do nothing day. Have a wonderful weekend Faithe!

Wendy said...

Not many people like rainy days. I love my library.

Karen said...

A rainy day can be a mini vacation. Heavenly. I love the Mitford books, and I'm always so happy when I have a new one to crack open!

Susanne said...

I think lots of people feel they are stuck in a job they don't like for various reasons. It might be out of their control or it might be fear of jumping out of frying pan into the fire when you have others counting on you. Not always so easy to change and those that love their jobs are very lucky indeed to have that. In Alberta, with the thousands of layoffs in the oil sector people have to do what they can to survive.

Nice that you got the book you wanted to read from your sis. My sis and I have totally different reading tastes so I never borrow anything from her. Lots of rainy and windy days around here lately. When it's super windy it makes it hard to do fun outdoor stuff too. We've missed a lot of bike riding due to the crazy windy days.