"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

22 July 2016

Summer Fun Faves

It's time to look back on the week and find FIVE FAVES that blessed me.  I'm doing this and linking up with other blogging friends who participate as well. Go here to find out how to join in!

Summer vacation is in full swing in our household....well, except for my husband who has to work throughout the summer as he isn't in the field of education.....I'm thankful our public schools give us the summer off! I'm thankful my youngest is getting up and out to her volunteer work as an inner city VBS/pool program helper and still enjoying some down time in the evenings and on the weekends.  I'm thankful my oldest is working and finding good Christian friends to hang out with on her down time. I'm thankful she applied to more jobs in her field this week and I'm praying she gets at least an interview from one of them!  I'm thankful for those lazy, sumny mornings on the deck with my coffee and the Scriptures, and for being able to manage my home on a much more leisurely schedule than during the school year.

 Here are five of my fave blessings from the last week:

Mady and K on the "grandmother tree" nature trail
looking into the brook

on the summit of Severance Mt
15 July 2016
Faith, Kaitlyn,  Cindy, Mady

the Grandmother Tree, over 165 feet tall!

  • HIKING WITH CHILDREN:  Last Friday I had planned two easy hikes with my youngest sister's youngest.  Her name is Mady and she is 8 years old and full of life!  She wanted to hike with me some time so my friend Cindy from church and her daughter (age 10) went with us to one of the flat nature preserves in the eastern Adirondacks.  It is where the oldest living pine tree in NYS stands and is on the NYS Historic Tree Register.  It is known as the "grandmother tree" and is 325 years old....I couldn't get the entire tree in the photo as was too tall!!  That was an easy mile loop hike so after that, we drove north a few exits and climbed Severance Mountain which is a great "first mountain climb" for children.  It's only a little over a mile to the summit and is a beautiful, easy trail up. Mady had a great time and wants to go hiking with Aunt Faith again!  After the hikes, we treated the girls to ice cream cones and then went swimming in my sister's pool.  A fun way to cool off!

Deb on Moreau Lake
16 July 2016 
Moreau Lake
South Glens Falls, NY
foothills of the Adirondacks
  • KAYAKING WITH FRIEND:  Last Saturday, my good friend Deborah was up from Tennessee visiting her central NY family and we decided to get together for some paddling.  She had to drive out to my place here in eastern NY and I drove her up to where we keep our kayaks for the season. She loved it!  She used Dave's as he couldn't go and we had such a peaceful paddle on the lake.  We explored every bit of it including a short walk to the nature area to see the beaver activity.  We took a dip in the lake too.  After the paddling time, we ate a late lunch at a fave place in Saratoga Springs.  Oh how blessed I am to have had this time with my childhood friend.  We go way back and let me tell you:  there is NOTHING like being united in Christ...being friends and sisters-in Christ is truly special.

  • SUMMER NEST:  I have never seen a nest in our front yard cherry trees during the summer months.  Until this week!  I happened to be watering the hanging plant that hangs from the branch just to the right of this one, and I looked over and saw Mama bird (mourning dove I believe) just sitting there!  This was Monday afternoon.  Well, she has been there all week and doens't seem to mind that I water my plants every evening.  I think it will be fun once her eggs hatch! I'm thankful for new life....even in birds in the middle of summer!

  • LUNCH DATE:  On Tuesday, between various appointments and errands, I met my good friend Monica for a long overdue lunch date.  Oh my goodness....we had so much to share with each other. Monica used to be a part of my small group and now that I am taking a break from leading, and she is in another church, we rarely see each other. We are the kind of friends who can be real with each other and share deeply. Again, united in Christ...so important!  We got caught up on each other's lives and had yummy salads and iced tea and talked for over an hour.  Sometimes, these kinds of lunch dates, are so important and needed. I am thankful for good friends.

Dave on the trail up Goodman Mt
a bit of history on the name of the mountain

the High Peaks/Central Adirondacks as seen from
the summit of Goodman Mt.
2176 feet high

  • DATE DAY! Dave surprised me by asking if I wanted to go hiking up in the northern part of the Adirondacks on Wednesday.  He took a vacation day so we could have a date day!  I was thrilled.  We decided to do the Tupper Lake Triad challenge and since I had already climbed Arab Mt last summer, we just had to do the other 2.  We started with Goodman Mt (photos above) and had a blast.  What a nice, easy trail.  One small steep section.  1.6 miles up making a round trip of 3.2 miles. We did the climb to the summit in just 45 minutes....a great work out!  Then we ate a bit of lunch, talked to 2 other hikers up there, and climbed down.  Then drove the half mile down the road to do the other mountain. (photos below).  That mountain (Coney) was only 1.2 miles up to the summit making a round trip of 2.4.  That one took a little longer as was a tiny bit steeper but I loved the trail and the summit was fantastic. We were the only people there for about a half hour. Since we were done by 2:30 pm we decided to explore a couple of towns, and then had ice cream, did some more exploring and then had dinner at this place on the way home.  What a perfect date day...and the weather was perfect!!  70s and sunny!!
High Peaks as seen from the summit of Coney Mt
2267 feet high

Look at this view!
Praising our Creator!

That wraps up my week....

what were some of your blessings??


Karen said...

Aw, I love that selfie!

Our trees are fairly new and young, so we don't get bird nests like we did at our old house. I do miss having a nursery to watch;)

One of my favorites this week is lunch with a friend, too!

Enjoy your weekend, Faithe!

Barbara H. said...

We had a robin build a nest in the curve of our water runoff earlier in the summer - so fun to see her bring food to the babies and to see them craning up with their beaks open.

What a great week with all the physical activity and time with friends!

ellen b said...

I'm very impressed with all the outdoor activities with great exercise you are getting. Way to go. Looks like a good week. Have a wonderful weekend.

Wendy said...

Sounds like you are definitely making the most of your summer break. I hope you continue to enjoy it.

Susanne said...

What a lovely week of being outside enjoying God's creation! And getting to enjoy family and friends is such a blessing.

Jerralea said...

Sounds like the perfect week! Good talks with friends, date day, hiking and being at the LAKE! (You know how I love that!)

I'm so happy for you that you get the summer off to enjoy being home.

Willow said...

You had a great week! I loved 'sharing' your hike with you. That wounds like a perfect day.
All those wonderful lunches with friends--what a blessing!

Patti said...

Your part of the world is certainly beautiful! Such stunning views! I can see why your hikes were part of your five faves last week.

Amen for friends in Christ! Those friendships truly are eternal. How nice that you were able to spend time in person with such gals last week.