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14 August 2016

2016 Book Review #52: Somebody I Used to Know

Do you enjoy fast-paced books with suspense, mystery, a little romance, family drama, and strong characters?  Then this is the summer read for you!


Nick Hanson, a social worker in a small town in Ohio, is just going about his normal day of work and grocery shopping.  He has an ex-wife, Gina, and is like a dad to her son Andrew, age 9.  Life is pretty good as he sometimes has dates with a former college friend Heather, who is also divorced.

But, while at the grocery store, Nick sees a young woman.....college aged...who looks just like his college sweetheart Marissa.  Marissa died in an off campus housing fire along with 3 other college kids. They were in college 20 years ago!  But this girl is the spitting image of Marissa!!

Nick approaches her to ask if she is related to the Minor family, and when he mentions that name, the woman drops her food and runs  right out the door.  Nick has no luck in catching her.

The next morning, as Nick is getting ready for work, the police and a detective friend named Reece, show up at his apartment.  The young woman has been found murdered in her motel room and in her hand lies a piece of paper with Nick's name and address on it!!

Nick is certain there is a connection to this young woman and his college girlfriend and so he enables the help of his good friend Laurel Davidson, also a college friend from 20 years ago.  They both begin to investigate this sudden death of a woman who looks just like Marissa.  They examine all the events leading up to Marissa's death in college as well as the young woman's murder. 

 And what they find out will be shocking!  In fact, Nick needs to learn and separate truth from lies....will he be able to do it??


I loved the fast pace of this book and the excitement in the main plot line.

The character development by this author is exceptionally well done.  I was completely drawn in because I've read 2 of this other novels...one I really liked and one that was just ok.  This one, so far, was the best.

I loved how quickly the mystery took off.....and at one point about almost to the half way point, I thought I had it figured out only to discover the author did a completely different thing to the plot!  It was downright exciting and I don't want to give anything away.

I love how the themes of marriage and forgiveness play out in Nick and Gina's lives and how he comes to terms with his own past failures.  I also love the way the author ended the book...a complete surprise with hope.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 14 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.


Susanne said...

Going on my list. It sounds good.

Jerralea said...

Now this sounds like my kind of book! I'll have to add it to my long long list. LOL

Melanie Lopata said...

I'll get this one next!! Sounds like a good one :)