"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

12 August 2016

Faves in Photos

Summer...I'm just loving it.

I love everything about it and even though the last couple of days here in eastern New York have been hot, hazy and humid with some rainy spells...we need the rain as most of July was very dry....and the humidity will break again as it always does...and high temps...well..that's what central air is for!  But for  the most part, this summer has been (in my opinion) perfect, weather-wise.  We've had most days be ones where windows can be open, breezes, full sun and blue skies....perfect for all the things I enjoy but can't do in the winter months. 

I'm sharing FIVE of my FAVE things from the past week and linking up at Susanne's with other bloggers who give thanks. I'm featuring photos this week of the things that blessed me.


Owens Pond
with Kilburn Mt in background
Sentinel Range Wilderness Area
High Peaks Region of the Adirondacks
6 August

Copperas Pond, the 2nd pond on the trail
with Whiteface Mt in background

Winch Pond, 1.9 miles in
(along the Owens/Copperas Trail)
Monument Falls on the Ausable River
(roadside waterfalls)
High Peaks Region/Adks
Cheryl and I near Monument Falls

this pond is one of my very fave body of water in the High Peaks Region
It is nestled under Rocky Peak Ridge
in the Giant Mountain Wilderness Region
of the ADKs
we stopped to change out of our hiking clothes and to wade


  • GIRLS DAY OUT SHOPPING WITH YOUNGEST SISTER AND HER TWO DAUGHTERS AND MY YOUNGEST in this awesome tax-free place! (NYS has HIGH taxes so we drive to MA only an hour away)
Claire (age 17) and her younger cousins ages 13 & 8
in our front yard all ready to go back to school clothes shopping!
8 August 2016

  • COOL 9 a.m.  WALK ON TUESDAY MORNING IN ONE OF OUR TWO TOWN PARKS (the photos only depict about 1/4 of the park...I only did 2 trails)
"The Ramble" trail
 through the one of the 2
wooded sections
9 August 

near the children's maze

the main pond on the main trail

  • LEISURELY MORNING COFFEE:  yesterday would have been my mother's 82nd birthday so I honored her memory by having my morning coffee in one of her favorite bird mugs.  She loved watching the birds from her little village home with the screened in back porch. I do miss sitting out there with her on visits, chatting and watching those birds.  I was lazy all morning, working on some photo projects, reading, praying.  I guess that isn't lazy but it sure is nice to not to have to be someplace.....like work!  I will miss my leisurely mornings when school begins again.

Those were the highlights of the week.

Next week I will be absent from the FFF due to being on vacation where internet is extremely spotty!

I will be in an area of the Adirondack Mountains that is a bit remote...it's a very small village which doesn't even have a grocery store.... but one of my very fave vacation spots.  

I hope you all will have a wonderful weekend and week ahead!  Embrace every moment of summer...it's going by fast!


Barbara H. said...

I love the way you celebrated your mom's memory. I may have to think of something like that when my mom's comes around again. I do think of her especially on that day, but I like the idea of setting aside a special time with something that was hers or was a gift from her.

How great to have that tax-free place to shop for school!

Sounds like you had some great times this week! Have fun on your vacation!

Susanne said...

What a sweet way to remember and honor your mom's birthday. The parks and hiking areas look lovely. Sorry I didn't get around to linking you. It's been that kind of a day.

Willow said...

That is a cute cup for your coffee. I'm glad you have that memory of your mom. And it was a great way to celebrate her--sitting on your deck.
Those hiking places! YES! Wonderful! I always love seeing where you are hiking.
Enjoy your holiday next week.

Patti said...

What a lovely way to remember your mom on her birthday. And that mug is very pretty.

Your area of the country is stunning! Quite honestly, when I think of New York, I don't think of it being anything but wall-to-wall city and people. As if NYC is all there is of New York! Thank you for giving me a glimpse into the beauty of a state I've never been to and which is MUCH more than buildings and people.

Monument Falls is absolutely beautiful. Waterfalls are among my favorite things ever.

That's great that you can easily access a state with no sales tax. There sure aren't many of them around.

Have a wonderful vacation.


Kathie said...

Beautiful hiking spots Faith! I really enjoy seeing the mountains!

My mom has been gone for 25 years but I often think of her - especially at the beach.I got my love of swimming from her.

Hope you're enjoying your week away! I'm finally blogging again so I'll be around to see the pictures when you get back :)


Jerralea said...

I missed seeing this eariier. My! You live in such a beautiful area, Faithe. I'm glad to see you enjoying it and your leisurely mornings. I hope to experience that someday ...