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02 September 2016

Happy September Faves

Bye Bye August.....Hello September and  soon a new (school) year begins (Sept 8) and all the busyness that brings. Our youngest will start her senior year of high school!

  Autumn starts in just 21 days and that is a fave season of mine.....but for now, let's take a moment to reflect back on the week and find five of those things that make our fave list.  I'm linking up with Susanne who hosts this each week.


the high peaks of the Adirondacks
as seen from the Vanderwhacker Mt summit
Central Adirondacks, NY

  • MOUNTAIN CLIMB!  Last weekend, I enjoyed taking a  church friend of mine (Kathy) to a mountain with a fire tower that I've hiked once before, when I was working on the Fire Tower Challenge. (On Monday, I will be celebrating the one year anniversary of completing the Challenge!)  Another friend of mine and her friend from Central NY met us there as they are currently working on the challenge.  I had told them I was willing to repeat some of the mountains that were my faves and Vanderwhacker was definitely one of my faves.  This time around though I had a much nicer day.  The temps were in the low 80s and there was lots of sun and clear skies so we had a wonderful view of the low peaks of the Central region and as you can see in the photo, a wonderful view of the High Peaks. We hiked just a little over 6 miles and the trail is rather steep towards the end so we got in a great work-out. We climbed to the summit which stands at 3,385 feet so it's just shy of being a "high peak".  My friends loved the view from the fire tower as I knew they would!  It was a fun day!
produce from a local farm store
  • FRESH FARM FOOD!  I love shopping at one of our local farm stores in town....it's across town by the airport and on Sundays they are not very busy during the summer months.  It's the best time, after church, to browse their produce and other items.  This past week I bought the veggies shown above.  The sweet corn was the best we've had all summer!!   There's just something about sweet corn at the end of August here in NY that is just heavenly!!  I thank God for His handiwork and all the fresh veggies and fruits that are in abundance right now.

  • NEW SHIRTS FOR A CAUSE!  I had just learned about Hope Outfitters this summer and decided to actually purchase a couple of their shirts for going on casual outings or for wearing on dress down days at the school, etc.  I LOVE this organization!!  (Check them out by clicking on the bold print name above.) Every 4 months they choose a new campaign with a specific cause that is aimed towards helping people who need hope.  When I ordered the shirts last week, the campaign this summer has been for helping to rescue women in Cambodia who have been captured in human trafficking. When I saw that, I was immediately hooked on this company. When you buy one, they give 100% back to the cause!  I did some research into their story ( I suggest you check it out!!) and they are legit and Christian!! You will have to scroll down their main home page to find the link to read about them/their start/company and to view the current video about their current project.  Please do!! and then have fun shopping!!

Suzanna and my Claire
Moreau Lake State Park Beach
  • LAKE DAY!  Monday was a day of errands and appointments in the morning, and I had promised my youngest that she and her friend could go to the lake where we keep the kayaks to swim, etc.  Well, I decided to go with them after my busy morning but by the time we were ready it was close to 3 pm when we arrived.  But that is one of our fave times at the lake.....no crowds and in the late afternoon the lake is so calm.  I kayaked a little bit but actually did more sitting on my chaise reading a good book.  I captured this photo from my chair of the girls.....they enjoyed swimming and racing together while they did laps. They have been good friends since meeting in 5th grade when Suzanna's family arrived here from China.  They have taken Russian together since 7th grade and now they are looking at some of the same colleges.  Both are bright and very talented in Russian.  I pray God's best over my daughter and her friend and I'm thankful I had this time with them. 
near Lock 13 of the Erie Canal,
NYS Thruway, Central NYS

Salisbury Covered Bridge over Spruce Creek
Herkimer County,, Central NYS
  • DAY TRIP:  Tuesday I drove out to visit my dad (he's in a nursing home near a village in the central part of NYS where I grew up), and on the way I stopped at the Thruway rest area which was just completed sometime earlier this year (first photo above).  It has NO fast food chains and is just this building you see. It features all NYS produced items like wine, cheeses, jams, muffins and other baked goods, with a ton of vegan and organic options!  I loved it.  I bought a small package of vegan lemon-ginger macaroons to share with my youngest. After visiting my dad for most of the afternoon, my sister Hope and I stopped in an area of Herkimer County I hadn't been to in many years.  We had a lovely lunch at a small  country cafe and then drove to the above covered bridge which is listed on the National Historic Places Registry as it is the only covered bridge left in that county.  Spruce Creek was lovely and I took several beautiful pictures.  My sister and I had a very nice time together and it's always a blessing to be able to visit my daddy.

That wraps up the highlights of my week...........just simple blessings God allowed me to enjoy and embrace....

What's something you embraced this week??

Please share in the comment section...and enjoy the weekend!  For those of us here in the USA, it is Labor Day weekend which means my hubby has the day off on Monday so we are doing a little road trip! :)


Karen said...

I will check out the link for 'hope'. I love the covered bridge photo!

Enjoy your weekend, Faith.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a really good week - you packed a lot into it. Enjoy your road trip.

Barbara H. said...

Nothing like fresh produce! The Hope Outfitters sound like a great organization. Nice shirts! The day at the lake sounds so relaxing - neat Claire got to share it with a long-time friend. The day trip sounds great, too! Have fun on your road trip with hubby!

ellen b said...

I'll have to check out Hope Outfitters. That's nice that you can get out to visit your dad. That mountain climb sounded great especially with the views you were rewarded with. I'm always excited to see a covered bridge.

Gattina said...

All in all you had a nice busy week !

Willow said...

What great faves this week, Faith! You know I love farmers markets, hikes and historical places. I will definitely be checking out Hope Outfitters! What a great idea!

Have a great last week with your girl!

Susanne said...

Sounds like this last week was a lovely wrap up to your summer! We've been enjoying local corn and homegrown tomatoes from my mom's garden. Nothing like it!