"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

11 November 2016

Outdoor Faves

It's the month of giving thanks but here in the Christian blogdom, there are several of us who link up with Susanne, the hostess, of the FRIDAY FAVE FIVE where we give thanks for five things from the past week.  This happens not just in November but all the Fridays of the year.  Having an attitude of gratitude is so important for our Christian walk.....it leads to praise, which leads to confession, which leads to glorifying God and leaving Him with our petitions.

  Join in as we share five of our blessings.

our large maple
  • GOD'S GLORY!  I love this photo of our biggest maple tree in the backyard.  There's a smaller version to the right (not seen in the pic)  The thing I'm thankful for is the glory of God as He shows us the autumn colors of the Northeast.  I truly can't imagine living anywhere else although I know other states/provinces in North America have gorgeous color too.  But there's something about our crisp, fresh mountain air, the bright blue of the sky mixed with these golds, reds, and oranges that I just love.  Today that tree is now turning a duskier color and I'm sure with the next rain or very cold temps, the leaves will be falling.  The color here was at peak earlier this past week so now we are "past peak" here in eastern NY.  But the colors are lingering this year, maybe because autumn, like summer, has been so mild.  I'm so thankful for His Handiwork!

  • STILL SHOWING!  This little flower in my deck box is still showing its pretty colors and we are on the 11th day of November!!  This is the first time these type of flowers have lasted beyond the end of October.  Every late spring I get 2-3 pots for the deck and every year for the last 21 years they have never lasted past Halloween.  Still so pretty even with 2 mild frosts!  I'm thankful for the spot of color!
towards the beginning of the 4 mile trail

Ross Pond, about 2.6 miles in from the road
Photo courtesy of Cheryl A. Blask

heading towards Whortleberry Pond after the first 2 miles
Richard with his dog Chance and my friend Cheryl

our destination....a remote pond....4 miles in from the road
  • SUNDAY SCENERY!  Dave and I went to church Sat eve and got up early Sunday to go meet 2 friends to hike the Ross/Whortleberry/Big Bad Luck Ponds trail in the Central region of the Adirondack Mountains. None of us had ever hiked this trail before although I've hiked a side trail in that area to a very remote waterfalls which was another 2.5 miles in the other direction.  This area is only about 80 minutes north- west of us and was about 10 degrees colder there. We discovered that the hike to the 3rd pond wasn't gonna happen. If I had been with different hiking friends we would have done it, but my husband and the other people wanted to be done. We had a lot of laughs and even did a small bushwhack down to the first pond. As it is, we ended up doing a total of 8.52 miles that day! The guidebook said it would only be 6 miles! I'm thankful I get to hike new trails......there are so many in the Adirondacks still to be discovered!

  • SUNSET SKIES:  This past week we have had mostly sunny skies minus one day of much needed rain.  The skies at sunset over my neighborhood have been stunning. I snapped this photo around 4:30 pm yesterday.  It was just so pretty! I'm thankful for God's beauty.
Shaver Pond
Grafton Lake State Park
8 November 2016
  • MORNING MEANDERINGS:  On Tuesday, Election Day here in the USA, I went for a morning hike with my friend Diane from church.  Oh what a nice time we had! The state park we went to is about 25 minutes east of us and has 5 bodies of water with trails all through the park.  There are no entrance fees this time of year.  We hiked around Shaver Pond, pictured above, for a 2 mile loop before heading out.  (We both were taking our oldest children to vote for their very first time).  It really brought some peace into the day.  I'm very thankful for friends who like to hike.

That wraps up my faves. And yes, I'm thankful we get to vote in this country and although my choice of candidate did not win, I am going to pray that this country will stop the hating, the bigotry, the racism, the violence, the fear of anyone different from them, and just reach out to God and come to know him;  and for those of us who already know God as Personal Savior, that we would represent Christ well (because let's face it, there are even Christians...people who claim to follow Jesus... who are being hateful), and shine the Light in this darkness.

I'm also thankful for our veterans of the armed forces.  Past, present and future. Again, we need to be praying for these people who work hard so we can still enjoy our freedoms.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Gattina said...

We all vote in Europe ! Always ! that's nothing special, we all live in a democracy. When we heard here about the election results, the people were horrified ! An ex TV reality star with a language like a bin man, vulgar, women hater becomes President of the USA. We can only hope that he will change completely like all politicians once they are elected, they forget their promises ! The fact that you only have 2 parties doesn't make it easier. We all have at least 4 or 5 parties from which we can choose !

ellen b said...

Let's try this again. How lovely to see all you enjoyed in your corner of the world this week. Beautiful scenes!

Barbara H. said...

I feel the same way about autumn, especially the colors. I grew up in TX where we didn't have that - the leaves just went from green to brown. My mother in TX, when she was living, loved to visit us in the fall so she could see the beautiful color.

Beautiful scenery!

nikkipolani said...

You are certainly in a beautiful part of the world for fall colors. I always enjoy your images of hikes. A bit of breathing room in the midst of our crazy world. Thanks to God.