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31 December 2016

2016 in Photos

It's New Year's Eve.

We are home again and around our house things are settling down from a quick overnight visit to my in-laws in MA.

Laundry is tumbling in the dryer.

Oldest daughter is preparing to go out to dinner with friends and then a party.

Youngest daughter and I are drinking coffee and preparing to grab some leftovers for dinner and watch a fave movie.

Husband is happily fixated on one of his fave computer games while waiting for the movie to begin.....a board game is planned for later when we are all sitting around waiting for the infamous ball to drop in NYC...and wondering why we aren't in that great city just 2 hours south of us yet happy to know we can hang out in our fuzzy socks, in the comfort of our family room and probably get a better view than if we were there.

And while in this waiting of the new year to strike....I thought I would look back on our 2016 and post some highlights in photos.

JANUARY:  a winter day's hike with good friends

Pilot Knob summit gazebo with Faith, Diane, Kathy 

:  a family wedding on my husband's side

MARCH: a local early spring hike
Dave on Peebles Island State Park trail

APRIL: repeating a fave mountain hike with good friends

on the summit of Goodnow Mt

MAY:  getting the kayaks in the water!
Moreau Lake State Park

JUNE:  our youngest goes to Junior Prom!
Claire and Noah

JULY:  lots of hiking trips and lake visits and a 50th b-day for hubby
high peaks of the ADKS as seen from summit of Goodman Mt

this guy turned 50 in July!
AUGUST:  vacation on Long Lake, Central Adirondacks
Claire doing ballet on the Long Lake Dock
SEPTEMBER: our "baby" begins her senior year of high school! 
first day of school

OCTOBER:  road trip north with my oldest daughter and my sister Hope
Courtney with her Aunt Hope in the Town of Hope, Southern ADKS

NOVEMBER: Thanksgiving with Dave's side of the family as always!
cousin fun!!
DECEMBER: claire performing lyrical ballet on Xmas Eve at church while Dave and I sang in the choir.  She choreographed this herself to the song "Noel" which we sang to the Chris Tomlin/Lauren Daigle version.

video is compliments of my oldest daughter Courtney

God is good to us....His blessings abound.

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Deb said...

It was fun to see your year in pictures. Happy New Year to you, Faith! Much joy and happiness to you and your family in the year to come.