"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

02 January 2017

A Prosperous Life


So it was a few days after Christmas, but before New Year's Eve.

I was reading from the You Version Bible app's Spiritually Fit devotional.  It was centered around how Psalm 1 talks about that if we delight in God and meditate on His Words, whatever we do will prosper.  It went on to outline various ways we can "meditate" on the Scriptures.  I was taking notes in a little journal my oldest daughter had given to me a few years ago.....for this last year, 2016, I was keeping devotional notes in it....as I turned the page to continue to write, there was my life verse at the very top of the page!

The funny thing is............I had been mulling over and over in my mind, what word I wanted to "chew on" for the new year 2017 since the middle of December.
 See, about 4 years ago, I learned of this concept of having a "word of the year" and for the last 3 years I chose "Still" based on being still and knowing HE is God, "Liberty" was for 2015 and "Simplify" was for 2016.  I kept thinking I wanted the word "Trust"......it's power packed and something I still struggle with....trust.......in God alone, in others, in my self and decisions....although it has gotten easier over the years.  And there was my life verse smack dab in my face at the very top of my journal page!


TRUST it is.  My word of the new year.

I have always loved the words from this Scripture.....especially the last part about God making straight our paths.  It reminds me of the photo I posted at the beginning of this anecdote.  That trail is in a state park very close to our home north of Albany, NY.  That was a clear path to take away from the Mohawk River and across the island.  However, just another half mile from that clear path, was another trail that was difficult to see......the leaves were all down in that area and the entire  trail was covered with the fall foliage.  


If it wasn't for the trail blazes (markers) on the trees showing us the way to go, one can quickly become turned around or lost. The path was difficult to see......we had to rely on those markers.

And this is so like God...........He wants me to embrace this word this year.  TRUST.  He wants it so much for me that He had me writing on a page with my very life verse with the word "trust" in it....talk about confirmation!

TRUST.  A total reliance on Him and His plans and purposes for my life, for Dave's life, for our daughters' lives.  For the whats and wheres of life.

Life is a journey.....and like in hiking, we do need a  clear path...a clear direction.......by trusting God to lead us, He will bring joy, peace, and delight. 

And those are the things that make up a prosperous life.


Jerralea said...

I've always loved Psalm 1!

Total reliance on Him - definitely a good description of trust and one that we must all do. My word is LESS but I can also look at it as less reliance on my own efforts and MORE trusting in Him.

God bless you in 2017!

Deb said...

I love this word for the year. I am still thinking about mine. Enjoy the rest of the week. Our Christmas break is almost over- only one more day. We go back to school on Wednesday. See you again soon!

Susanne said...

Love the word and I love that scripture. Something I really need to be reminded of right about now.