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15 January 2017

2017 Book Review #2: Three Wishes

I discovered this author a couple of years ago and read 2 of her books.  This one seems to be one of her first novels.  I borrowed it from my sister who likes to buy all kinds of fiction.  It was a good read about the lives of triplets, set in Australia, which happens to be where the author lives.

The story is told from the view of spectators as well as from all three girls.


Gemma, Cat, and Lyn are triplets.  Cat and Lyn are identical. 

 Gemma is the one who doesn't have a steady career, just lots of different jobs.  She used to be a teacher and she used to have a fiance who died after being hit by a car just before their wedding.  Gemma was relieved.  She has recently begun dating a guy named Charlie whom she thinks could finally "be the one".

Cat is married to Dan and trying to get pregnant. She works for a chocolate company. She has also just discovered something about her marriage which leaves her wondering if life is worth living.

Lyn is married to Michael, who used to be married to a woman named Georgina and has a teen daughter whom he has custody of, named Kara.  Lyn and Michael have a baby girl who is about to turn 2, named Maddie (Madelaine).  Lyn owns her own catering business and is a type A personality.  She makes "to do" lists and has goals stretching far into the future.

The Kettle triplets, as they are known as, have parents who've been divorced since they were about 6 years old.  They are in their 33rd year of life and the book actually opens on the evening of their 34th birthday.  It then goes back a year to where we learn about their lives at age 33 leading up to that birthday celebration in a restaurant that really is the climax of the story.

During their 33rd year of life, we learn about their sibling rivalry, their secrets, and their various relationships.  We learn about someone's unfaithful husband, and someone's unthinkable decisions.  We also get a glimpse into life full of frivolity, frustrations, and family.....and what it is like to be forever part of a trio.


This book is humorous.  It is just full of funny anecdotes but it also has a sad side and a serious side.  There is some drama in it, mainly centered around Cat and Gemma.

My favorite sister was Gemma but I am more like (in life style and personality, Lyn).  The sister named Cat drove me crazy but towards the end I warmed up to her.  I really don't want to reveal too much in case you read this book.

This book is wonderfully refreshing.  The humor is just perfect.

I love that the author had short anecdotes throughout the book told in the voices of various spectators who have known the triplets throughout their lives.

This book also touches on emotional and some physical abuse from Gemma's finance.  I found it interesting that the author chose to have Gemma keep this secret from her sisters.  It is important to note it, because it gives a clue as to why Gemma lives her life the way she does.  Again, I don't want to reveal too much.

This book touches on other real life problems like infidelity, infertility and miscarriage, and divorce.  It also touches on the effect of divorce on children, both the triplets and the character named Kara (Michael's daughter).  It also touches on panic attacks, which I found interesting, especially because of which triplet was experiencing them.  It teaches that sometimes we do need to make changes to our life styles.

This book has a great deal of tension in it that resolves itself in numerous ways. 

I loved trying to guess what was going to happen and at one point I thought Dan would come back to Cat...when that doesn't happen, you realize just what Cat needs to do to become emotionally healthy.

Each sister goes through something of a transformation and you will be delighted with how the humor carries this novel to break up the heavier issues the author brings to light.

I highly recommend this very quick read.  I would love to see a movie of this book...it would be awesome!  Especially if Hollywood stuck to the plot as written.

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 10.


Deb said...

Sounds good. I need a little humor in my life so will be looking for this one!

Susanne said...

I have so many of this author's books on my TBR and have yet to read one. I really need to prioritize it.