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27 January 2017

End of January Faves

So, here we are at almost the end of January and oh my goodness, what a week it was!

 I'm glad it's over quite frankly.....our youngest daughter had a raging head cold all last weekend, then my husband came down with an upper respiratory infection that he decided to share with me!  I haven't been this ill in over 20 years!  In fact, we both had to take 2 days off from work because of it.  Fevers, chills, achy bodies, sore throat, coughing.  We are so done with this!! and then in the midst of all this, we received a call from our oldest saying she wasn't accepted for a design job she was hoping to get....And THEN....my husband's cell phone (only about a year old) went through the wash because he forgot it was in his pocket!  It's not doing well so he'll need to get another one. 

And then we got hit with an ice storm on Tuesday!

I'm so done with winter and it hasn't even been that bad here in eastern NY!  

But...there's always blessings to find among the annoyances of every day life, right?  So here's five......trust me, this is a stretch for me this week! Linking up with Susanne to share our FIVE FAVES.

  • VEGAN SNACKS!  So I've been on the hunt for good, vegan snacks that I can send to my youngest gal next year when she's in college.... yes, I'm the kind of mom who loves to send care packages....and since I prefer to eat healthier snacks nowadays, it gave me the incentive.  I found these at Target and wow!  They are amazingly good.....organic dutch cocoa, sunflower seeds all wrapped up in one scrumptious little bite.  Just a small handful really helps with that chocolate/sweet tooth craving.

  • FLEECE BLANKETS:  There's nothing like a cozy fleece blanket to curl up in when your body is achy, tired, and chilled.  I lived in one of these all week it seems like.  Thank goodness we have 3 in the family room as 3 of us wanted one on movie night last weekend!

  • POWER WALK:  Last Saturday was a very mild day for January.  The day started out grey but by afternoon it was so nice and sunny! My husband was just lying around because he wasn't feeling well so I decided to go for a nice 3 mile power walk. I'm so glad I got that work out in since the rest of the week I was too sick to do any kind of work out!

  • OIL OF EUCALYPTUS:  This stuff is amazing. No, it doesn't cure head colds or coughs.  But it DOES relieve the symptoms....I placed 3-4 drops on my sinuses and on my throat and was able to fall asleep fairly well.  I highly recommend using it if you ever have congestion!

  • TEEN DRIVER:  so thankful for my youngest being willing to drive to Target yesterday with my "need to get" list.  I gave her my info for using my Red Card and sent her on her way...she also told me she'd get me my favorite hot drink at Starbucks.  Of course, I had to agree to let her re-load her card so she could get herself one.  Hey...it's worth it! She works off her card money by running errands for me, shredding papers I never seem to have time for, helping to cook.  Love it! 
That wraps up my FFF.

What blessed you this week??

Please share and.....I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


collettakay said...

My oldest will be 16 in June and I'm not sure if I'm ready for her to be driving! I hope you and your household are feeling better soon :)

Thanks for stopping by Colletta's Kitchen Sink!


Schotzy said...

THis is such a bad winter for kids colds.. My granddaughters keep passing them back and forth.. my poor daughter is weary!!!

ellen b said...

Ice storms are so scary. Glad you found good things to enjoy in your week. Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Hope everyone is on the mend soon. We recently recovered from a bear of a cold and I was so surprised and dismayed to be out of commission for the better part of a week. Even when feeling ok physically my brain felt in a fog. Hope that's all behind you now.

I'm sorry your daughter didn't get the job she wanted. That's hard. Hopefully God will lead her to the right position soon.

It took me a long time to get comfortable with my kids driving as teens, but once I did, it was a great help.

I'll have to look out for those snacks. I'm not vegan but do need to reduce in general, sugar intake in particular.

Susanne said...

Oh don't you just love when family shares the sickness. Cozying up with a nice blanket is definitely recommended for being sick. Hope you all are on the mend. I'm going to look for oil of eucalyptus for sure.