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28 January 2017

2017 Book Review #4: 15th Affair

One blessing to be gained from being down with the flu all week, is that I had lots of time to read!  I almost finished a book about Sabbath rest and I did finish this novel which is a quick read.  

This book is the 15th novel in the series known as The Women's Murder Club by one of my very favorite authors.  He writes many different types of mysteries but I only read two of his series:  this one and the Alex Cross Detective series.


Lindsay Boxer has an almost one year old little girl, Julie.  She and her husband Joe, whom she loves unconditionally, live in San Francisco, where is is a Homicide detective for the SFPD.  Joe is former CIA, currently working for Homeland Security.  

Lindsay has always been so focused on her career, that she could never imagine domestic bliss, but she finally realizes it and is living it.  Things are going well for her marriage, her career, and she has a wonderful nanny, Mrs Rose, who lives right across the hall in their apartment building and is always willing to stay late in to the night when Lindsay's job forces her to be out late.

But then one late afternoon, there are 4 murders in one of the luxury hotels, and a blond woman who was at the scene of one of the murders, has disappeared!  Soon, Lindsay finds out that this gorgeous woman, Alison Muller, is connected to her husband Joe!  and soon life is unraveling for Lindsay.

While she is with her team investigating this woman's life,  a massive explosion happens to an incoming airplane in San Francisco, crashing down near a cluster of schools!  The city is plunged into chaos!  Now Lindsay is told to investigate this criminal plot that stretches around the world....into China!

Just who is her husband Joe?  What are all his secrets? and what does the key to a mystery safe deposit box mean?  When Lindsay discovers what is in the box, she is stunned.


Well, this was a fast-paced novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it.  A real page-turner and typical author fashion.  

Because this is the 15th novel centering around the 4 main characters (Lindsay the detective, Yuki the lawyer, Cindy the reporter, and Claire the medical examiner), the character development has already been well established.  We find out what's going on in each of their lives...just a taste...and how they can all work together to figure out this latest mystery.  

Most of this book though is centered around Lindsay and Joe's relationship.

Joe does not appear to be who he claims to be.  Lindsay is perplexed, sad, angry, distraught and feels betrayed. These are all real human emotions that the author incorporates into the plot.  There's a bit of mystery at the end of the book regarding the captured Alison Muller, Joe and how Lindsay is going to respond to him.

I enjoyed the plot of adding in some Chinese mobsters and having a CIA spy whom we find out is a double agent.  That made the plot move along and brought a nice spin to the whole Ali Muller aspect.

Part of his book is so unbelievable though....the whole scene in Vancouver with the shoot out.....but this is fiction...and exciting fiction at that!

I loved the ending because Joe shows up at the apartment with roses for Lindsay while all of her best friends and their spouses, etc are gathered around her dinner table.  Does she let him in??

I guess we won't know until book number 16. 

The author is brilliant.  He knows how to sell a story!

In my opinion, this book is appropriate for ages 17 and older due to mature content in some parts.

On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being the highest, I rate this a 9.

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