"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

31 January 2017

Trust = Joy


Just a little word really.  5 letters that pack a punch.

It can be tough, this trust thing.

Sometimes trust is broken between a husband and wife...

or parent and teen.....

or father figure to young girl.....

or pastor to the body of believers.....

Sometimes trust is hard to establish again, (and sometimes it should not be established again!)  but if the relationship is to endure, there needs to be some element of this thing called trust.....

......forgiveness helps.

Yet, trusting God is also hard for some people.  How can you trust Someone you cannot see?? 

This morning as I was reading through my devotional passage for the day, I came upon Psalm 33:21

I love this because it shows action.  When we trust in the Holy God, we will have joy! 

We will rejoice in God because we trust....simply trusting God brings us joy!

Our action is to trust.  Whether we see or hear Him.  Simply trust. 

For those of us with a relationship for any length of time with our Savior, we have learned that God can be trusted.  His Word is Truth.  His Love is everlasting and unconditional.  His spirit breathes new life into us.  We can turn to Him for anything, anywhere and He is there.  He is all forgiving, all consuming, faithful and true.  When we know this about our Holy God, we rejoice...we fall on our knees in worship or we raise our hands up high in praise. 

When I can release my pent up breath and say God, I'm trusting You....or Jesus, I trust You with________ (whatever it is)....my heart feels peace. 

 With peace comes an everlasting joy.  I will desire to be with Him, to praise Him, to worship Him.

The more I am bonded with Him, the deeper the trust will go.

Do you trust Him today??

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