"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

03 February 2017

February Faves

Well, only about a month and a half of Winter left.  

I'm rather happy about that even though our winter here in eastern NYS really hasn't been too bad.

I'm enjoying a nice cup of my fave coffee while reflecting back on the week and sharing FIVE of the FAVES this week brought.  

Join in by heading over to Susanne's site.


  • CHURCH ONLINE:  I love that our church has the streaming live option on Sunday mornings.  I was still recovering from having the flu all last week so because Dave had gone to the Sat evening service, Claire and I watched it online Sunday morning.  It was rather nice to stay in the house, drink coffee and watch the service.  I'm thankful we have this option.

  • GOD'S PROTECTION:  Monday, my oldest daughter came home from work about 10:30 a.m. and was the only one home of course as Claire was at school and Dave and I at our jobs.  Well, she turned the dishwasher on to run it, went upstairs while waiting for the tea kettle she had put on the stove.  Heard it whistle, came down to a kitchen full of smoke and smoke pouring out of the dishwasher!!  She said she hit the "Cancel" button, opened the window to air the place out but then heard a loud popping noise.  She knew this was not good.  Went down to basement to  turn off the breaker switch for the appliance and texted Dave and I.  Dave was able to leave work early, deal with the dishes in the dishwasher and see if it could be fixed.  NOT.  But we are so thankful for God's protection and that there was not a fire!  I'm also thankful Courtney was home because most of the time I turn it on right before leaving for work and don't give it another thought.  From now on....only turning it on at the end of the day!

  • SALES!  Because of the above problem with the dishwasher, Dave and I went out that evening to our local appliance store.  We believe in giving the local shops our business before turning to Lowes or Home Depot.  We found Consumer Reports highest rated dishwasher on sale PLUS because it is considered a home improvement, we didn't have to pay NYS sales tax!!  AND...the delivery is free and they will take away our burned out one.  We do have to pay an installation fee but it is so worth it.  It will be here tomorrow, praise the Lord.

  • CROCKPOT:  I never want to take my crock pot for granted. Ever. It is a working mom's friend. I use it so much in the winter months.  This past week I used it for chicken stew, bison and veggies, Italian bean soup.  It sure is nice to walk in the door in the late afternoon and smell dinner simmering. Super thankful for this little appliance.

  • MAIL!  Yesterday in the mail there was this card made by my good friend Anita.  She loves crafting cards and she knows dragonflies are special  to me and Dave.  I was so surprised to get this beautiful card, especially because I see her each week in church and we live only 2 miles from each other! But I'm so thankful for her, our friendship and her thoughtfulness in creating something that made me smile.

Those are just some small blessings tucked into a busy work week.

I hope you have found some blessings in your week, too.

Happy Weekend!!


Wendy said...

I think small thoughtful gestures like the card are lovely especially when you're not expecting them. Glad you got the dishwasher sorted out. I wouldn't think twice about leaving the dishwasher running when we go out, maybe I should. But I never leave the tumble drier running if we're not here or if we're in bed. Have a good weekend.

ellen b said...

Oh boy, glad your daughter did all the right things with that dishwasher event. Yikes. Streaming church...that's great, especially for shut ins or in your case illness. Hope you have a nice relaxing weekend.

Susanne said...

Wow, my hubby won't let me run the dishwasherwhen we aren't home 'cause he was always worried about flooding if something went wrong with a hose. Never thought of something like this! It's a good thing Courtney knew to turn off the breaker. I don't think my girl would know to do that. I see a breaker lesson in her very near future. The racks in that new Bosch look interesting. Let me know how you like them. We have a Bosch too, can't remember the model from years back and I hate the racks. Looks like they've made vast improvements to them. Wish I can just order these racks. The dishwasher is wonderful. Never had cleaner dishes and it's so quiet you can't even hear it running!

Sweet of your friend to send that card. I really miss snail mail!

Barbara H. said...

I wish our church had the live streaming option. They do put the sermons online but it's a day or two afterward, so if we're home sick, we can see the old ones but not the current one yet.

Wow, so glad Courtney was home and knew what to do! I had a friend who turned on her dryer before leaving work, and by the time she got to work got a call saying her house was on fire. And we've had a washer hose to get disconnected and start pouring water. So I pretty much don't run appliances if someone's not going to be home. I do sometimes start the dishwasher right before going to bed - if it's not full after dinner, I'll wait and put everyone's snack dishes in right before bedtime. But I am thinking that might not be a good idea anymore either. Glad you got a new one at a great price, and that they'll install it and take the old one away.

It's so nice to get an actual card or letter in the mail - it's a rarity these days.

nikkipolani said...

You and Barbara are freaking me out with your appliance nightmares! Maybe it's just a good thing I don't have a dishwasher. Who knew they could be so scary?

Hope you are feeling better, Faith, and enjoying your new dishwasher :-)

Ann said...

Very glad to hear that you didn't have a fire. Your daughter is a quick thinker who can use good judgment under pressure!