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19 November 2017

Be Prepared!

Last weekend I was on a 1.3 mile hike into the woods to the destination of Clear Pond.  The temperature was about 18 degrees when we started out at 9:30 in the morning.  I was in the Central Adirondacks near a village called Indian Lake.  This is about 1 hour and 45 minutes north-west of my home in the capital region of New York State. At home, the temps were hovering around the mid-30s. No snow. Anything below 25 on a hike is pretty cold.  I was wearing my long hiking leggings, thick wool socks, my hiking boots, a wick away hiking tee shirt with a long sleeved one over that, then a long thermal hiking shirt plus a wool shirt over that.  I also had my winter outer layer jacket that is similar to a rain jacket but thicker with a hood and zippered pockets.  Also, gloves. Yes, the trail did have some snowy spots.

Because the hike was short (2.6 miles round trip) and fairly flat, I didn't pack a lunch but instead packed a piece of fruit, energy bars, water and my carafe of coffee because it was so cold.  Note the backpack above.  When we got to where I laid it down, we were at the pond.  I did have to take off my jacket...you can see it sticking out of the outer pocket, as it got warm.

 Inside the backpack was a headlamp (a hiker's accessory for winter hikes when the woods get darker earlier), a flashlight, first aid kit, packet of tissues, lip balm, whistle was around my neck, notebook and sharpie pen was in little pocket, cell phone, (although there is hardly ever a signal that far north and deep in to the woods) and matches.  All of these items have a purpose on a winter hike.

Yes, I was prepared.

The sun came out and it was just glorious.  When I saw the pond stretched out before our eyes, I  gave thanks to God our Creator.

Indian Lake, NY
Central ADKS
12 November 2017

And because my hiking friend was busy taking photos, I sat on the logs we found and meditated. I became still.  It was so peaceful and quiet.

The Lord began to whisper to me.....it has been awhile since I just sat.  And allowed God to breathe into my lungs and into my heart and into my mind.

He showed me that just like I had to prepare a hiking bag with some extras due to the cold weather, I have to prepare my heart for worship.  I have to be still and KNOW that He is God.

When we pause, when we are still before God Almighty, we can hear His whisper.

We all need a Sabbath....a pause in our day, our week, our month, our year.

For me, I am all about taking a pause each week....but sometimes it is filled with worldly pursuits. Things like social media, online news, fiction books, traveling, coffee dates, cleaning, hiking, shopping, etc.

There is nothing wrong with those things in and of themselves.  They all have a purpose.  

However, to know my purpose in God, I need to spend time with Him on an intimate level.  And that means to actually be still.  To prepare my heart by reading of the Word.  To sink my teeth into that daily bread and Living Water.

To do this, we need to let go of the distractions.  

Prepare our hearts by leaving the worldly pursuits for another time.  

Stopping.  Listening.  Waiting.

Thanking God.

      Remembering what He has done for us in the past.

      Rejoicing at what He will do in the future.

He has a plan and a purpose for us...

just like the items in my backpack all had a purpose, so too does God have a purpose for US.  Just like the matches worked with the fire starter ball my friend supplied, so too do we have work that God purposes us to do.

It starts with being still. Are you prepared?


Sandi said...

I am on the couch, under blankets, with a scratchy throat and sneezes held back my garlic and Airborne, but I am still and in that way prepared. But your hiking adventure is inspiring! Not inspiring enough to get up off this couch...achoo...but have fun! ;-)

Ceil said...

Hi Faith! Now I see what you mean about being still and breathing. What a gift that walk was to you, and you were able to center and hear the voice of God. Just beautiful.

You really were prepared for anything that's for sure. It's a great example of being prepared in life, just as you were led to see. Am I prepared? I have no idea. I'll keep trying to be!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours too. And thanks for the tip on the Cinnamon Apple tea. I love a good cup of tea on these cold evenings.
Thank you for visiting me!