"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

17 November 2017

Mid-November Faves

I can't believe I'm writing a FFF for mid-November already!  Didn't we just do October?  This school year is going by so quickly it seems like!

Let's pause and look back on the blessings from the past week.  I had many.  Some big, some simple but all special to me.  We link up at Susanne's site to read other blessings, too.  I'm grateful for Susanne in hosting this each week throughout the year.  God is good and we need to be giving Him thanks!


  • RAKED AND READY FOR WINTER:  It's still Autumn for 4 more weeks but last weekend we decided to finish up the yard work and fold up all the deck chairs.  Brought the rocker from the front porch out to the deck where it is waiting for me to purchase a new cover for it.  No snow yet here in eastern NY but other parts of the state have had some. I'm thankful we got the rest of the outside chores done.
  • AFTER WORK WALK:  I took a nice walk after work a couple days this past week.  Cold, crisp fresh air does a body good.  This is an historic cemetery right in our neighborhood.  I love how the late afternoon sky looks behind the stark trees.  The man whom the cemetery is named after lies buried in the middle there...the flat stone on the ground...he rode his horse from Cherry Valley NY to our area during the Revolutionary War and there's something about warning the soldiers but I don't know the entire story on that.   I like walking in this part of my development.  The old mixed with the new.  I'm thankful for the rich history in our state.

image courtesy of Amazon
  • NEW COFFEE!  While running an errand at Target one afternoon this week, I saw this new (new to me anyways) coffee on sale.  Of course I bought some.  O.My.Goodness.  It is smooth, with an amazing peppermint flavor and just a very small hint of the white chocolate.  It's perfect as an after dinner dessert or a late afternoon treat while relaxing. And the scent.....Mmmm...reminds me of Christmas cookies baking in the oven when I would add peppermint extract to the chocolate ones.  It has made my whole house smell like the holidays!
Trail to Clear Pond
Siamese Pond Wilderness Area of the Central Adirondacks
Sunday 12 November
bright beauty on the edge of the pond

A little warmth on the beach
 thanks to my matches and Cheryl's fire starter ball
  • LATE AUTUMN HIKE!  My long time friend Cheryl, from the central part of NYS, and I decided to hike in the Central region of the Adirondack Mountains on Sunday.  Dave and I had gone to church the evening before, so I took Sunday to be in the mountains and my body and soul were so refreshed! It was only 18 degrees when we met at the trailhead, but the trail was only 1.3 miles to the pond we wanted to see. So we figured since we had our winter hiking gear on, we would be fine. Neither one of us had ever hiked it before.  Our destination was Clear Pond...and clear it was!!  The clouds were reflected in the water and the sun came out while we were there.  We have no snow where I live in the capital region but parts of the mountains have a dusting.  It was very pretty!!  I'm so thankful for fresh, mountain air.  There is nothing like it!! The entire hike was only 2.6 miles so we decided since it was only noon when we got back to the cars, that we would go out to lunch in the next town south of where we were.  It was a great Sabbath rest!  Below are a few more of my fave photos from the hike.
I wore my dad's wool shirt in honor of him,
 his life as a hunter and as a veteran
We were surprised to find a boat by the pond.  Note the duct tape!
photo compliments of Cheryl B

Clear Pond
Siamese Pond Wilderness Region of the Central Adirondacks

  • CHRISTMAS SHOPPING:  I started my shopping for extended family this past week.  I got a lot accomplished.  I decided for each of my sisters and their families, I would do themed bags.  I chose a tea theme, a woods theme, and a smoothie theme.  And almost every item I wanted to buy was either on sale or inexpensive to begin with.  I even ended up buying a couple of things for each daughter and my husband.  So, I'm about half done moving into Thanksgiving week which is always something to be grateful for.
That wraps up my week.

I have to work Monday-Wednesday but am getting out early on Wednesday as the students only have a half day. My husband has the week off so he will be going down to his parents early in the week and picking up our youngest from the T station in Boston. My oldest daughter and I will travel together a few days later. Please pray for traveling safety.  We will be spending Thanksgiving weekend in Plymouth County, MA.  Hopefully, I will find some time Friday morning to participate in this weekly post.  If not, have a Happy Thanksgiving, everyone here in the USA!


Barbara H. said...

It's so nice to get the yard all ready for winter. My husband did what we think and hope was the last mowing last Saturday. Your walks and hikes sound great! We're hoping to do some Christmas shopping this week. The themed bags sound great! Happy Thanksgiving!

Willow said...

I am always with you in spirit on those hikes! This week we got in our long evening walks in the neighborhood but no trail hikes.
Good on you for getting the grounds ready for the winter.
Snow! I know it was only a dusting but I know you love it!
Happy Weekend before Thanksgiving!

Karen said...

I agree, the month is just flying by way too fast. That Dunkin' Donuts coffee looks so yummy!! I'm one of those who will have my Christmas music playing this Friday. A cup of that coffee would go nicely;)

Happy Thanksgiving, Faith!

Susanne said...

Such nice things to be thankful for. I am so unmotivated to Christmas shop this year, it's a good thing there are some people mentioning like you so I can get a fire lit under me. Theme bags are a great idea! That lake is beautiful.