"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

15 December 2017


Well, it's the last Friday of Autumn 2017 and in one week, we celebrate Christmas!

Let's pause and reflect back on this past week and give thanks for FIVE of our FAVE blessings.  Then link up over at Susanne's.  I really enjoy relaxing after work on Friday and reading all of the participants' FFF.

Birthday Bahama Mama
  • BIRTHDAY FUN!  Last Saturday was my birthday (only 2 more years until I turn 60!!) and Dave and I had every intention of getting up early to hit our fave breakfast place in a city just north of us.  Well, we slept in!  So we made plans with our oldest girl to go to a restaurant that serves some of the best cocktails around and one in which I haven't been to in probably about 8 years.  We decided to do a late lunch/early dinner as Dave had to work at church that evening.  Courtney and I ended up watching a wonderful movie on Netflix in the evening that I had never seen.  I really enjoyed my day and most of it was just so relaxing!  My fave part was the cocktail I ordered to go with my chicken caprese.  Oh.my.goodness.  I was in heaven..it was sooo refreshing! I'm thankful for splurges like special drinks on birthdays and fun family times.
photo courtesy of Dave!
  • SNOW!  We got our first couple inches of snow on Saturday and it was so pretty.  I have always loved the first snow especially if it is less than 6 inches!  It was so perfect for the day and season because I was doing my Christmas cards that day and also baking a batch of our homemade chocolate orange fudge to bring to a work party.  The mountain area where I often hike received 8-12 inches!!  And my hometown area out in central NY where several friends still live, received about 6.  I was thankful we just had a dusting.
from my ballerina girl
  • MAIL!  Our youngest daughter, almost 19, mailed me this card she made and also included a little letter.  It is currently finals week at UNH so she is busy but I am so happy she sent this to me for my birthday.  I was teary eyed after reading it and realized just how very much I miss her!  I'm so thankful we have a good relationship.  God is good!  
photo courtesy of Dave
  • HIKING SHIRT!  My oldest daughter gave me this hiking shirt for my birthday and I was NOT expecting it.  She totally surprised me.  I love it and can't wait until I can wear it. Courtney is like me.....gifts is her love language..she loves to give them as much as she loves to receive them. I'm so thankful that I got to spend my day with her since the youngest is still away at college.

drinking glasses decorated for Xmas pary
"secret santa" gift!
  • SMALL GROUP XMAS PARTY:  Tuesday evening was the last small group until the end of January.  We finished the Breathe study the previous week and wrapped up the semester by having a "secret santa" party.  The lady who had my name gave me the book you see pictured above which is a personal study book on the Titus 2 woman.  I LOVE it...I have just started it and I know I'm just going to love doing the study and reading through the book.  I plan on taking my time to really savor what God might want me to learn from this.  I also had so much fun with crafting tape that Courtney turned me on to.  I put it around the rims of the drinking  glasses and they went from plain old mason jars to pretty holiday glasses. I decided to keep the tape on for the duration of the holiday season.  Everyone had fun at the party and even though we were missing 2 ladies due to illness and previous commitments, those of us who gathered had such fun.   I'm thankful for good friends and sisters in Christ!  There is nothing like good friends to have fun with and  to do life with.
that wraps up my faves......

I hope you take some time in this busy season of preparing for a major holiday and pause to breathe....and to reflect on all that God has done for us.



Susanne said...

It's been so warm around here lately, the school kids were out yesterday doing their gym time in shorts and tshirts. That's unheard of for us at this time of year, but a change is blowing in today and we have snow predicted for Christmas. Again, Happy Birthday. Lovely, thoughtful gifts from both of your daughters. I really like that movie and haven't seen it in awhile. Maybe this weekend I'll put it on. The little boy in it now stars in "The Good Doctor" on tv about an autistic man who is a doctor and surgeon. Interesting show and he plays the part of the autistic doctor so very well.

Karen said...

Happy Birthday to you!! Your daughters are so thoughtful and sweet. We got our first snow yesterday -- well, it snowed way back at the beginning of October, but I can hardly remember it. I'm looking for a new study book to do, so I'll have to check out the one your friend gave you. Happy weekend!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

Happy Birthday!! Love the hiking shirt! I love the first snow as well..especially before Christmas and especially if it's under 6 inches. Our snow is gone now but it was beautiful last weekend. And, I know it will be back!

Gattina said...

Nice birthday celebration ! I escaped the snow here I was in the heat of Egypt ! Now I have to prepare for Christmas !

Barbara H. said...

I have that book and hope to start on it early in the New Year.

Belated happy birthday! Sounds like a very nice celebration! Nice gifts from your daughters.

That's a good idea about the craft tape on the mason jars.

bettyl-NZ said...

It sounds like a fabulous week for you! Happy birthday and Merry Christmas!