"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

16 December 2017

Do You See What I See?

Images.....they are all around me.........

This time of year, because I am inside more, I often browse on Facebook.  And while on that home page, I tend to scroll down and see what my friends or family have been up to.  And of course I see lots of images....images like this:

photo courtesy of my cousin Trisha

The perfect cookie platter.  Isn't that remarkable??  My cousin gave me permission to share this photo with you all.  I love every single cookie on that platter......and in years past I have made the Chocolate Crinkles, the Peppermint Candy Canes, the Russian teacakes, the Spritz, the Santa's thumbprints, the fudge, the Shortbread, the Sugar Cookies.  Yes, I did it all.  
I see these images of cookie platters.....of the picture postcard perfect Christmas photo of families near and far ( um....we're still working on getting the summer vacation photos posted!), of multiple Christmas trees in homes....(I'm thankful we have ONE!), of spotless kitchens with updated cupboards and counters, of homemade Christmas cards stenciled or stamped (who has time??!), of families volunteering in food pantries or soup kitchens (um....I can't even get mine to help vacuum!).  

And then after doing this scanning of the Facebook page for the better part of an hour this morning, I realized that these are just shallow images.  Oh, they are fun, and for the most part, they are so enjoyable and there's nothing wrong in displaying beautifully decorated homes, cookie platters, children, and trees.  I love all things Christmas and as I type this I have Chocolate Shortbread Vegan Cookies baking in the oven.  

However, do you see what I see?? 

 I see a world obsessed with perfection, with the bustle and scurrying and shopping and wrapping and trying to fit all these activities in when all I wanna do is curl up on my couch and savor the Savior.

I see Him...lying in a manger.  In a cheap wooden set I display on my living room book shelf that spells out JOY.  The J is a Shepherd looking towards the O where the baby lies in a manger. The Y is an angel rejoicing. It's very telling.  Both the shepherds and the angels rejoiced at His Birth.  WHY?  Because of the image He was portraying:  a humble baby in a humble bed where cows eat, born to a poor young woman yet the King of Kings who was come to save the world

Do you see what I see?

A star......the star in the sky was shining over where Jesus lay and He is known as "the Morning Star"....because He will come in all His glory.....again....the Messiah......

When I pause to savor our Savior, I see my children from a few years ago with eyes shining bright on Christmas morning, ready to hear Dave read the words from Luke 2  that we know so well.  

I see gifts wrapped under the tree....not as many as in years past, as the girls are older now....but wrapped and given in love because of God giving us His best Gift...His Son....

I see snow lightly falling on to the ground and I reflect on how we are touched by His Hand.....washing us clean with His blood and making our hearts pure as snow.....

I see tall evergreens on my winter walks and from the couch in my family room as I look out towards our backyard and I think about how God's Love is everlasting like the green on those trees all year long....a LIVING God who loves us unconditionally.

I see dust on the bamboo flooring, cookie crumbs on the counter, laundry in the basket, cards to mail, and a grocery list that keeps getting longer and I think, "Wait."

This is what Christmas is all about, for me, in this season of teaching full time, paying college tuition again, small group responsibilities, a young adult daughter still living at home, Dave's job about to change, a home that needs some upgrades, a newer car to be purchased, work-outs to fit in, housework that never seems to end.......it's the stillness before Him.  The pushing of all of these things aside....yes, including baking yet another batch of cookies....so that I can just sit and savor.

To be still and KNOW Him.  I can't know Him unless I spend time with Him.

For me, that looks like reading in His Word daily.  Oh yeah, those fun little Bible app devotionals are fine but I like sinking my teeth into that daily Bread....the Word...and letting it get into my spirit.....I need to talk with Him daily about all those things mentioned above....I need to praise Him, thank Him, glorify Him.

And when I do, my eyes will see His Love. 

My ears will hear His still small Voice.

And all those earthly things will seem unimportant in light of what Christmas really is.

The things that make up an American Christmas are all good things.

but allowing time to sit and see.......

really see Him.......

that's what I want for Christmas.


Phoebes World said...

Beautiful and thoughtful post Faithe
I am one of the people who loves to have wonderful Christmas images around me... it makes me happy. But each thing is made with love and with Jesus in my heart at all times. And not just at Christmas but through out the year.
To me... Jesus is the Reason for EVERY Season
Have a blessed week x

Susanne said...

Beautiful post. It's so easy to get all caught up in the "Pinterest" perfection and this year with getting the flu I have had to be content with a much more simpler version of Christmas. And I like it. It's left more time to get quiet before the Lord.