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29 June 2018

End of June Faves

Wow.....my first week of vacation is done and it's the end of June!
We've been out of school now for one week and all kinds of fun has been happening!

I'm sharing FIVE of my FAVES today by linking up at Susanne's site.  We do this to be intentional about living a life of gratitude for all things....big or little.

Here are my FAVES from the past week:

Fireworks at Next Door Neighbors
  • GRAD PARTY:  Our next door neighbor, Melissa, and her husband Paul, had their youngest daughter's grad party after the high school graduation ceremony last Saturday.  The party started at 2 and me and the girls went over for about 2 hours. What fun it was!  Then we were invited back for fireworks around 9 pm.  It was so much fun.  My husband was able to join us for about a half hour in the late afternoon, too.  The party was mostly relatives but because we have been friends with them since they moved in, in 2002,  they invited us as well. We have watched our girls grow up together (our oldest is almost 25 and theirs is 22 and our youngest is 19 and theirs is 18).  We've camped together, hiked, biked, played board games, dinners on the deck, vacations together, etc.  We've done life together!  I'm thankful we got to see Meredith on her graduation day and spend some time with them.
Claire at the Rose Garden
Botanical Gardens, Montreal
Photo by Ashley

  • SAFE TRAVELS:  Our youngest, Claire, drove her car to Montreal on Monday morning.  Her UNH friend went with her after spending the night here.  Ashley is from NH and kept her car here as they took Claire's car. It was Ashley's first time out of this country. I'm  thankful they had a safe trip up and back and that their 2 days in Old Montreal were sunny and fun-filled.

me and my friend Gerri on summit of First Brother
High Peaks Region, ADKS
25 June

looking at Giant Mt (12th highest in NYS)
from the summit of First Brothers
  • HIKING!  I finally got to hike a mountain on Monday.  I hadn't hiked one since last autumn. I've only done flat trails.  So I was most thankful that temps were only in the high 60s in the High Peaks region of the Adirondacks and that the sky was a perfect blue and the sun was amazing.  Our photos don't do the setting justice. It is soooooo much better in person.  I chose The Brothers because the hike is made up of 3 summits.  We did the first 2 because they have the best views.  Total distance from car and back is 3.5 miles.  It was awesome.  My niece really loved it.  She is the reason I was hiking Monday.  It was the only day she could go before I leave on my lake vacation and I didn't want to disappoint her.  My friend Gerri went and the daughter (Amanda) of my friend Ingrid went as well.  It was Amanda's first time up a real mountain. At one point, we all had to get up some rocks by getting on our hands and knees and crawling up.  It was STEEP!  We loved it.  It was a great time! We also explored Chapel Pond a bit as we had time.  I'm so thankful for friends and family who like to hike!
my niece Mady (age 10), Amanda (age 22) and friend Gerri
beginning of The Brothers trail

Big Slide Mountain as seen from the 2nd Brothers summit

The Great Range of the High Peaks Wilderness Region
25 June

  • LUNCH DATE:  My cousin Trisha and I had a lunch date in this place on Wednesday.  It was wonderful to see her again. It had been a couple years since we'd gotten together.  She lives about 35 minutes north west of us and is busy with her large family.  We had a nice vegan lunch at my fave vegan cafe in the city and chatted for quite a while. We have plans to get together with our husbands too later this summer.  I'm always thankful when I can connect with extended family members.

teacher gift!
  • SPECIAL GIFT FROM SPECIAL STUDENTS:  We have a set of twins in the classroom and I work closely with both of them.  One goes to my daily language group for a half hour and the other one is in my small group/cognitive group.  The family attends my church, too so I often see them in the lobby after they are picked up from Sunday School.   Their mom surprised me with this "happy vacation" gift.  It is a beach towel, magazine, and insulated cup filled with individual packets of organic lemonade mix!  I checked and all the packets have stevia vs fake sugar.  What a great gift!  I'm thankful for thoughtful parents.

That wraps up my faves.

I will be on a blogging break for the next week or so........but I will definitely check out your FFF list.

Have a wonderful weekend and 


to all my USA friends!


Vicki said...

My oldest grandson graduated from high school a few weeks ago. He had a pool party but I wish they'd had fireworks too :)

I worry when my kids travel from home as I'm sure you did. Glad Claire and her friend had a safe trip.

I haven't gone hiking in a long time. I miss it. The views in your photos are amazing!

I love spending time with family, it's one of my favorite things.

What a great and thoughtful gift!

Barbara H. said...

What a fun graduation party. Glad you got to go and that Claire and her friend had a safe trip. It's always good when we can get together with family members we haven't seen in a while. What a nice gift!

Wendy said...

Ah how nice that you got to share in the graduation party. And what a thoughtful gift from the parent of the twins. Your hike looks amazing but my knees would not have coped with such a steep climb. Enjoy your vacation - will look forward to hearing about it.

Laura said...

What a thoughtful gift from students and parents. And I love the picture of Claire and the roses. You and your hiking, Faith -- it's great!

Have a great week ahead.

Carrie @ Cottage Cozy said...

Love your list - I had a girlfriend lunch date on Wednesday too - one of my fav days of this past week :) ♥ It's my first visit here - I will be your newest follower! Hope you will stop by too!

Karen said...

Great list of favorites. Such a pretty picture of Claire. The views from your hike are just breathtaking. And what a sweet end-of-the-year gift idea!

Enjoy your weekend, Faith.

Gattina said...

That was a nice week for you ! full of events ! It's good to have good neighbors !

Susanne said...

That's a great gift idea for teachers. How fun that Claire and a friend got to go to Old Montreal. I didn't realize you were so close to there. I would love to go there in the fall when the trees are turning color. The view from your hike is gorgeous. Don't know if I'd be up for hiking on my hands and knees though. LOL. I think it's wonderful that you have such a great relationship with your neighbors. Enjoy your lake holiday!