"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

17 October 2008

Fave Five #5

It's Friday again!
My most favorite thing of all this time of year is the glorious color I see all around me in nature.
I marvel at God's creation more in autumn than at any other time of the year although I like something about each and every season.
This past week has been the capital region's "peak color" time and we have certainly been blessed with exceptional brilliance and weather this year. God is good!! The colors have been very vibrant in this part of New York.

My other favorite things from this last week:

These little pumpkins I bought
for decorating
our front stoop.
They look really cute on our front step
under our

Scarecrow decorative flag
and next to our little Amish wagon adorned with autumn leaves.

Decorating for harvest time
is one of my favorite things to do once October arrives.

I am loving the Spiced Pumpkin tealight candles I bought here.
They smell so nice on a cool, crisp evening.
I have them spread throughout the living room,

family room, and kitchen.
Once the darkness falls, and dinner is cleaned up,
I love to just sit and read
and inhale the

spicy scent.
It makes the house smell like autumn!

This laundry soap is still my absolute fave.
There is nothing like the fresh scent of the Original Woolite for your
fall/winter sweaters or your summer swimsuits.
I wash all of our sweaters, cardigans, fleece and swimwear in Woolite.
It helps to prevent shrinking, pilling and is gentle on cotton-ramie or wool.

A new snack choice for me. Just. for. me.
I hide these from my children.
These little packs are the perfect late afternoon snack
for when I am craving something salty and sweet.

My last favorite thing from this week does not have a picture to go with it.
I am not able to post one of the students' due to confidentiality laws.....however....
my favorite thing to end the work week: a student who is well on his way to being toilet-trained!! I mentioned D---- to you earlier this season and said he is 5 years old but developmentally more like a young 3 year old. I offered to toilet-teach him and he is doing great! He is now out of diapers and in a pull-up (although I do not recommend pull-ups at all...I believe in toilet teaching with the thick cotton underpants so children can really learn "wet" vs. "dry"). However, because he is my student and not my own child, I have to go along with what his mother desires...and of course, doing laundry at school is not an option. So....because he is in a pull-up it is taking a little longer to teach him but.....this week, every day of school, he has stayed dry and has gone on "the potty". He is starting to "get it" and we rejoice!!

So...what about you? What are some of your favorite things from this last week??

If you care to share, please link up over at Susanne's, grab her Fave Five button and let me know...I'll be by to visit.
Or just leave me a comment telling me your most favorite thing from this week.


ellen b said...

I love fall and fall colors and I love to see decorations with pumpkins. There is something about the air in fall that invigorates me. Enjoy your candle and treats

Beverly said...

Love your blog - I have been a visitor for a while now. Fall break is 2 days in October - unfortunately not a whole week. Mostly teacher planning days - they just run it on Thurs and Frid to give an extra long weekend.

Enjoy your blog so much!
beverly @ happy in the moment

Susanne said...

Yeah for "D"! That's wonderful news.

I usually always decorate with pumpkins on the front step, but this year they were so darn expensive around here. I"m not sure why. So my scarecrow man is all by his lonesome out there.

I love, love, love pumpking spice candles. So cozy.

Kimberly said...

Mmmmm! I love fall, too! The beautiful colors, the delicious smells, the crispness in the morning air!

I bought some pumpkin spice oatmeal today. Yum!

Have a great weekend!

Willow said...

And it's time for pumpkin pie, too!

Enjoy your days off. As a fellow teacher, I understand how precious they are.

Robin said...

I love your fave five list! And potty training is #1 on my list of things to rejoice over!