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17 January 2009

Truth vs. Convictions: How do You Respond?

Because my teen is at the huge Youth for Christ retreat this weekend, I plan on tackling her bedroom for a thorough cleaning after my hair appt this a.m. Then my husband, my 10 year old and I are heading out tonite to hear the Albany Symphony Orchestra and the Young Talent Stars they are featuring in downtown Albany at tonite's concert. We know the 15 year old violinist who will be performing a solo in one of the concertos so......we have a busy weekend....I also plan on finishing up the novel I am reading, about the Russian Revolution (see my sidebar...it is a good Christian historical fiction book that I recommend) and then I have another good book from the library I want to begin, along with finishing up a chapter in my Bible Study book. On Monday, due to the holiday, I need to take my youngest daughter shopping for a new dress for her very first violin recital at school in a couple of weeks. And my husband and I are setting aside a time for "just us"! I won't be on here until at least Monday.

So....I am pointing you to this article.....just click here and read a very good article about how people deal with other Christians who might not agree with their own views on something. And then scroll down that page to read the next article about Your Firewall Protection. This is a very good Scripturally-based website. You can also get there by clicking on the link in my sidebar titled Cafe Chat.

Enjoy the weekend everyone and have a blessed Sabbath day!

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Toknowhim said...

Thanks for sharing at the Chat today... I think your pastor's words are helpful... Blessings