"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

26 February 2009

Five Fave Things

It's Friday already! We have been back in school for one full week now after our winter break.
It has been a great week although many parts of it were overwhelming.
Most parts were funny, thought-provoking, exciting, new, refreshing. Some were daunting.
But...with God all things are possible!
He alone gives us our daily strength!

Here are 5 things that thrilled me this first week back in the classroom:

This made my top 5 fave things because I had no idea this was in the house! I found it on my daughter's (Courtney) Facebook account. Someone must have taken this of her at the Emerge Crazy Hat nite. Emerge is Life::Redefined's senior high youth group event held every Sat evening after their life::groups (small groups). (Life::Redefined is the name of the Youth Group Ministry at our church, that is made up of 5th-12th graders). This picture made me laugh.

If you don't own this, get one. For those of you who do own one: need I say more???!!

This new book I bought from CBD.
Was browsing online at their website and spotted this.
A fave way for me is to sit out on deck with a.m. coffee.....
gonna have to wait until at least April to do that.
Thankfully, the book is long enough for me to
still have
devotionals left for the warmer months!
Each devo is just 2-4 pages set up in a short story form.
Scriptures that relate follow the story.
An area for journaling
and reflecting/prayers
are set aside at end of each devo.
This book is a great way to begin my day.
I am doing it while eating breakfast, before getting ready for work.
I recommend this book.
The author is excellent!

This amazing Pita Bread by Joseph's.
Filled with flax seed, oat bran and whole wheat flour.
This is the best pita bread I have ever had.
And I have eaten alot of pita!!

Slit one open, fill with spring greens, shredded carrots, cubed cheddar,
red, yellow, green pepper strips, and chopped tomato.
Drizzle Sweet and Sour Poppy Seed dressing on top.

My oldest. Courtney. Age 15.
New Haircut this past week.
Layered. Angled.


For more Fave Fives, or to play along, head over to Susanne's at Living to Tell the Story!

Do you have a favorite thing from this past week? What is it?


Willow said...

Hi Faith, Great fave fives this week! Your girl does look so grown up now. Cute!

Brenda said...

That pita bread looks delicious and the sandwich you made wonderful! Great week :)

proudgrits11 said...

ooooo, that books looks great--thanks for the head's up, the format sounds perfect!
I love me some pita bread, too--I need to make some chicken salad or somethin' to go in some of those...

Erin said...

Ordered the book did a "look inside" on Amazon and it looks awesome I cannot wait to get it. I LOVE Courtney's hair and the pic with her in her silly hat. Did you get the pita bread at Hannaford?

Susanne said...

Courtney looks lovely with the more grown up haircut!

I'll have to check that book out and see if I can find that pita bread. I don't usually buy pita bread because it always seems so dry. I usually end up going for wraps instead.

Melissa said...

I love the Wii Fit! It really keeps my kids moving! And I will look into your book! thanks for sharing and have a great weekend!