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26 May 2009

Catching Up

Well, Memorial Weekend has come and gone and I am back in the swing of things at work in the classroom and with my daughters' end of the school year activities, homework, studying, and events.
Friday evening was a beautiful one. My neighbor and I enjoyed a power walk but alas...I had a sore throat so was feeling very tired. We cut the walk short and I went to bed rather early. Both of my daughters were tired and my hubby was tired too so we all got a good nites sleep.
Saturday brought sun and warm temps. Courtney slept in like all teens do and I made pancakes for Claire. Dave did yard work and ran errands. I did laundry and what to my wondering eyes should appear....but....my teenager FOLDING the load of laundry without being asked. YEAH! A great moment for me.....she is definitely growing up! I thanked her. She was like "no big deal, mom, I had to fold my stuff anyways so I just decided to do all of it". Way cool!
I decided to paint the trim on the house as it was a perfect day for outdoor painting. And my youngest decided to help! She asked if she could help after practicing her violin. I really thought I was living on another planet....who WERE these children who were offering to do CHORES? lol
So...Claire painted the front step to our little porch and I did the doors and trim around the deck doors and garage. Then I began to get the kitchen prepped for mopping when Claire surprised me again by volunteering to mop for me. I asked her if she was sure she wanted to do this.....I mean, it's easy....we have grade 5 stone tile so all I need to do is wet mop it...no products needed other than the soft mop and hot water. It does get special stone floor cleaner once every 3 months.....so....the chore itself is easy...just not something I want to do on a sunny afternoon! Claire said Yes she wanted to mop because "it's fun Mommy". Wow...the zeal of a 10 year old.....I am sure by the time she is 49 she will be like me and want to just hire a maid! lol
Saturday evening, after an early dinner, my husband and I dropped off Courtney at the Youth Center at church for her life::group and Emerge and then took Claire miniature golfing. Unfortunately, just at getting to the 9th hole, it began to downpour. So...we received 3 free tickets to play another time and came back home to read and relax. We also watched an old Audry Hepburn movie (Roman Holiday) which Claire really enjoys. After picking Courtney up from the Youth Center, my hubby listened to a baseball game on his I-Touch and I did some reading.....a nice Saturday evening at home.
Sunday was church with the final message in the Friendship Series that our pastor has been preaching for the last month. It was an excellent sermon as always. We are blessed to be in such a vibrant church.
Claire and I went shopping at LLBean for some hiking shoes for her to wear the next day.
Here is what we bought. They are a summer shoe but they are perfect for hiking: if they get wet, they dry quickly and they are more like a sneaker than a boot so she actually likes wearing them and can use them in the autumn for "back to school/gym class".
Sunday evening I made dinner and then we prepared for our hiking trip for Monday.

Monday was just perfect! The temps were in low 70's, blue sky with no clouds and full sun. God is good! We took both cars as Dave had our friend Matt (a college guy from church), Courtney, and her school friend Karissa. I had Claire in my car. My husband drives a CRV but it only seats 5. Claire rode with them on the way home from MA that evening and I had my car to my self! I was able to sing along with Leeland with no one to interuppt me....yeah!
We hiked the Appalachian Trail from Lee MA to Finnerty Pond which is through the October Mountain State Forest. We had to scale 2 mountain peaks (Becket and Walling) but it was well worth it. Finnerty was absolutely gorgeous. I will have a pic of that on my Fave Fives! The trail was very steep in parts and I don't think the state of MA gets many mountain volunteers. The trail had lots of blowdown and loose rock. We had to be careful and especially Claire with those dancing legs. I much prefer hiking in the Adirondacks where ADK Club members volunteer and where the state EnCon Dept clears the trails. But...all in all, it was great to hike another part of the AT. We did about 4.9 miles total and just loved it. And yes...my oldest daughter groaned and sighed but I think she secretly was having a blast. Her friend LOVES hiking so we plan on doing more!

Claire rock hopping over a stream.
Karissa following her.

Dave across the stream.

Greetings from Finnerty Pond
October Mt. State Forest, MA
Faith & Dave
Claire, Courtney

The rest of this week brings school, work, ballet class, after-school history review, practicing for 2 orchestra concerts, my car's oil change and all the things that go into managing a home, a job, and a family. Courtney has her last life:group of the school year on Sat. although I think the church will keep Emerge on Sat. evenings. We have a parent meeting (IMPACT) on Sunday after the 11 a.m. service with our new Youth Pastor but...our Saturday is free! And it's our last free one until we get back from our summer vacation......wow...that's a sobering thought.
Whatever you have going on this week, I trust that God will see you through it. More later in the week......


Mrs. C said...

What a fabulous family picture! You'll have to use that one for your Christmas card this year. :) Love those pink shoes, too. LL Bean has such quality stuff. Glad you had a wonderful long weekend! :)

Susanne said...

Love the pictures! It looks like it was just the perfect day for hiking. Love those shoes. Wish they came in my size. I need a new pair of shoes I can use for multipurpose kinds of things.

Anonymous said...

What wonderful photos. SOunds like you had a great weekend. It looks so nice to go hiking there .. calm and peaceful. I so hate to paint LOL...i would have nixed that idea :)

Erin said...

I love the pic of you and Dave and the girls!