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28 May 2009


Ok, time to vent. I don't normally do this on this blog. Especially about "famous" people. Like Brooke Shields. But something she said recently really has me disgusted. I wish I knew if she had a blog or website...I would love to address her on this issue.

Today's Albany Times Union had a short article about something she recently told Health magazine. Here is what the paper said (Times Union, May 28, 2009, page A2):

"...she regrets not having sex earlier in her life. The model-turned-actress, whose 44th birthday is Sunday, says her biggest health regret is not learning to love her body at a younger age. "And I think I would have had sex a lot earlier! I think I would have lost my virginity earlier than I did at 22," Shields said......."I wish I had just gotten it over with in the beginning when it was sort of OK...and to me, that's a health regret." "

O. My. Goodness.

I never had much respect for her to begin with. Kinda like because she is a "dumb blond" kind of person...no offense to blonds...and anyways, Brooke has brown hair or at least did the last time I saw her on TV! but seriously, she has never appeared to be too mentally "gifted" or smart. She has never been a phenomenal actress in my opinion. But I know there are many people out there who like her.

I am disgusted with her comments. A HEALTH REGRET?????

Now, don't get me wrong. I am an advocate of teaching our young daughters to love their bodies....to have a healthy self-esteem no matter what size they are. To be thankful for the body the good Lord gave them.
I am also an advocate for what the Word of God says about abstinence from sexual activity until marriage. And no, I was not "perfect" either. Now, granted, Brooke most likely is not a born again Believer nor is she claiming to be. BUT....even non-believers or people who don't follow the Scriptures know the health CONCERNS when it comes to casual sex outside of marriage and at a young age. Almost every school aged child who lives in a district with a good Health curriculum knows the dangers of casual sex or unprotected sexual activity. NO teacher or parent would call this behavior a "health regret" but rather a "health risk".

Basically what Brooke is saying is that she wishes she had had sex when she was young. To call it a health regret is just indicative of her lack of wisdom, mentally.
Even my 10 year old has learned that risky behavior can result in ill health.
What about STD's?? What about unplanned pregnancy?

A health regret???? It just makes no sense. And as for being "ok"???

I feel sorry for any daughters she has. She clearly is not teaching them with her words about the risks of casual sex/sex outside of marriage.

And that (casual sex) COULD be a health regret.


Mrs. C said...

I read a similar article and thought, "What in the world????" Another reason why I encourage my girls to have Christian ladies that we personally know as role models.

Anonymous said...

Don't people say and do the dumbest things? It amazes me how some people even exist in this world of ours :)

Kimberly said...

I'm about speechless. I have never in my life heard someone say they wish they had had sex earlier. I am already knowing there will be a day when I have to tell my daughters honestly that I regret how early I did have sex. I will have to share with them why my choice was SUCH a mistake. I so want them to know that God's way is ALWAYS the best way...for EVERY reason....physically, mentally, spiritually.

Wow. There's definitely all kinds of reasons here to pray.

Susanne said...

A health regret? Wow. Some people sometimes have no clue what comes out their mouths.

Was this actually published by the health magazine? Maybe you can write this so called "health" magazine with your thoughts.