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28 May 2009

Friday Faves!


These magenta-colored flowers.
I don't remember the type of flower but I know they come up each spring
and they also multiply each year!
These are from our front flower bed.
They actually look more vibrant if you were standing in my front yard.
My camera either isn't that great or this computer color isn't that good.

Our purple irises opened up last Saturday.
I have several iris' all along one side of our house and in the front flower bed.
I love the deep purple color
with the vibrant greens.

Claire voluntarily mopping the kitchen floor last Saturday!
I appreciate her love language: acts of service.
Especially because mine is gifts!
Another fave moment: seeing my daughters help with household chores.

My daughters and 2 family friends
on our Memorial Day Hiking Trip
From left - right: Matt (friend from church)
Claire, Karissa (friend from Courtney's school)
in back: Courtney
Here we are at a resting point on the Appalachian Trail
on Becket Mountain, Berkshires, MA
I love hiking with my family and with friends.
Definitely a fave moment this week!

For my final fave I have no picture and I'll be late for work if I even try to get one of my oldest daughter Courtney.
BUT...this is definitely making my list this week: She was informed by her Drawing teacher (a university in the high school level course) that she was chosen, along with 4 other students from her high school, to have her art work shown in downtown Albany (I don't have details yet) for the 400th Anniversary celebration of our capital!!! She had to draw how fashions have changed over the last 400 years. We are so very proud of her and her hard work. This is truly an honor as there are over 2500 students in our high school and about 4 Drawing classes (not to mention various other Art, Graphics and Photography courses) in the school. Once I actually see her final product, I'll take a pic and post it for all to see. :)

Thanks to Susanne over at Living to Tell the Story for hosting this fun meme each Friday.

Now....what are some of YOUR fave things from this past week???


Persuaded said...

wow! i would love love love to see her drawings! fashion, and especially historical fashion is one of my great interests. congrats to her and her mama as well♥

Anonymous said...

Great FFF. The flowers are real pretty. And congrats on your daughter. I so hope that we get to see them :) Have a great Friday :)

Willow said...

Congratulations to your daughter on receiving this wonderful opportunity! I'd love to see her drawings.

Great fave five-- we love to hike, too (in the Santa Monica Mountains on the other side of the continent).

Susanne said...

Congratulations to Courtney. That is quite an honor.

What a little sweetheart your Claire is.

Your flowers are lovely. The color seems to come through quite nicely on my computer. I don't know compared to real life how it is but it's lovely on my screen.

Brenda said...

Sounds like a wonderful week. Congratulations on helpful, talented children!