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05 June 2009

Fave Fives!

Friday again!
Week flew by due to the end of the school year hustle and bustle.
Not to mention church stuff, extracurricular activities and a new work out plan!
And housework....can't forget the housework!!

Here's some highlights of my fave things from this past week.

Brand new baby ducklings!
In our Inclusion Kindergarten, where I am a special ed teacher assistant, our first 7 baby ducklings were born on Wednesday morning! Out of 12 eggs, I think only 9 are viable. Not bad! Last week, 11 baby chicks hatched. I prefer handling the baby chicks but I think the baby ducklings are cuter. Because they know my voice, if I put them on the floor, they will follow me around the classroom. The children get a huge kick outta this. We enjoy them for another week and then the head teacher will make sure he finds a farm to give them to. They are just so darn cute, aren't they?? The reason it makes my fave list is because the children actually got to see the eggs hatch. There is nothing like it! What a wonderful miracle and a great lesson for the kindergartners...not to mention all the awesome vocabulary for the little special needs kids we work with.....a truly fave moment this week!

Attending Courtney's Spring Concert
On Tuesday evening, my husband, Claire (my youngest) and I attended Courtney's Orchestra concert at the high school. Because we have more than just an Orchestra, Band and Chorus, the concerts are held on multiple evenings, with different groups performing. The night that Courtney had to play violin for Orchestra (we have a full Symphonic Orchestra) the Jazz Ensemble and one of our 4 choral groups performed as well. All 3 performance groups did a fantastic job. My favorite was the Aaron Copeland piece that the Orchestra performed. My 2nd fave was a rendition of "For the Beauty of the Earth" that the chorus performed. Yes, we are in a public school district that allows Christian music to be performed. Actually they performed 2 religious pieces. One was a song about Jerusalem. A wonderful evening for us! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of Courtney playing in the orchestra as she sits towards the back so it is too tough to get a good pic. She wore the standard concert outfit (a rule for orchestra members: black skirt, white top). Last concert of the school year for her.

A new snack!
I have no idea how "new" this snack item really is since I just discovered it for my self at my local grocery store. I LOVE THEM! The promotional ad for them says they have "fruits and veggies" in them but....be aware: it is NOT the same as eating a fresh piece of fruit or crispy, raw veggies. YES they are low-fat with natural ingredients. They are a bit pricy at $2.69 for a 6 oz bag but they are so good. I enjoy them as they are a much better choice for me than regular potato chips (I don't buy those at all) and more flavorful than the baked chips I buy my daughters. They come in various flavors. I have only tried the one shown here.

My Rosebush
My rosebush bloomed early and well this year! I love these roses and my husband bought the plant about 10 years ago...it was just a tiny plant...we weren't sure how it would do in our soil. Neither one of us have much time for gardening...we are so active in the spring and summer and are rarely home....these are super easy to care for if sprayed with stuff that discourages aphids and Japanese beetles. I have learned how to remove the deadened roses so new ones will replace them and I have learned that they continue blooming right up until Thanksgiving if we have a mild autumn!

Patriotic Volleyball
I LOVE the deals from Old Navy. My oldest daughter spied this ball in a rack of various balls while shopping there....so....since she said we will have our own private beach area when at Pine Cottage in Bass Harbor (Acadia!) we should play beach volleyball with Daddy. It matches our new water bottles. She can also use it at her Sweet 16 party!

Thank you to Susanne at Living to Tell the Story for this fun weekly meme.

And please leave me a comment about your fave things from the last week....even if it's just ONE and not FIVE!! Would love to hear from you!

UPDATE REGARDING THE BABY DUCKLINGS: ALL 12 eggs hatched successfully!!! SO....we have 12 ducklings and 11 chicks in our Inclusion classroom....YEAH!



Anonymous said...

OMG...those baby ducklings are so cute. Congrats on your daughters concert. She must have made you proud. Love the volleyball and the rosebush is awesome. Happy FFF. Aloha

Tammy said...

Hi Faith,
Love that sweet little duckling! It sounds like you had a busy but fun week...
Just returning from my long blogging break and trying to get caught up... have a good weekend!