"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

04 June 2009

Thankful Thursday

View from the Summit of Hadley Mountain
Lake George Region, Adirondacks

I haven't been on here much lately, mainly due to the fact that, like the holidays, this is our busiest time of the school year. With 2 daughters in their respective school Orchestras, and my youngest in Chorus and in a busy Dance Academy; my oldest in the Honors program plus taking a college level course, plus preparing for the big Spring Banquet at church, plus her life::group, plus her Youth Group activities....well....it sure keeps us whirling! And I have stepped up my daily workouts......which does take time! And my husband has been mentoring junior high kids as well as a college boy so....... We are all looking forward to the end of the month when we go on our summer vacation to Maine. WOW....do we ever need that week to regroup, relax, and recreate! So....what am I thankful for this Thursday?
  • Psalms. The peaceful feeling that reading the psalms gives to my spirit.
  • Prayer. I can always pray! I like letting go of stress by just offering a few words of "HELP" to God.
  • Moms in Touch group: I am so thankful for this group of women who have been my friends this past year. It is a pleasure to come alongside of them.
  • Youth Group leaders: I am in one amazing church. We have a Youth Pastor (whose wife is also involved with the teens) and several junior and senior high youth group volunteers. We have a coordinator who is hired to keep things running! And she actually took time out of her very busy schedule to bring her little boy to Courtney's orchestra concert on Tuesday nite. We are very impressed with how the Grace Fellowship Youth Ministry comes alongside the teens and encourages them, attends their events, etc. It is a HUGE blessing! (THANK YOU KEESHA!!)
  • The fact that there are only 12 full days of school left and 2 half days!!! And I did not choose to work during the summer school session so I am home with my daughters ALL summer long! YEAH! I figure by next year, Courtney will be driving and probably working to save for college so...we are gonna enjoy every minute this summer.....I am SOOO ready for a nice long vacation with many days at the lakes, kayaking, hiking, and day trips.
  • Spring flowers: I love how everything has come out early this year and that we have had a real spring for once. Perfect weather: warm days and cool evenings. Perfect for my walking work-outs, perfect for biking, perfect for outside gym days and perfect to just sit on the deck with a good book and relax after work. The scent of the various flowers around my yard is so intoxicating!
  • Majestic Mountains: I was browsing through some of our hiking pictures and the one at the top is one of my fave views. We hiked this mountain about 4 years ago and what a glorious climb that was. We did it with our good friends/neighbors and the real treat was that at the summit the firetower was open! There is nothing like getting to the top of a mountain peak and being able to climb even higher via a tower! The air is so clean and crisp. I am so thankful we are all able to hike and enjoy even more of God's Creation.
It's almost time to enjoy a dinner out with my youngest at our fave diner, while my husband teaches at the Youth Center tonite and my oldest works on her final art project at the high school for a couple of hours this evening. I thank God for every moment I have had this week to reflect on His goodness and care for us!

What about you??

What are you most thankful for this week??
Please share!


Anonymous said...

Boy Faith you have indeed been busy. Wonderful photo and your list is so wonderful. The girls sound as if they keep you and your hubby very busy. I'm just grateful to be living and breathing another day LOL. No serious...I'm grateful for just about everything that happens to me...Friendships being right at the top with Family :) Aloha

Mrs. C said...

My favorite things this week:
* my hubby- God sure did bless me with the right man for me!
* home- There's no place quite like it when you need to unwind.

Hope you have a great weekend and get a chance to unwind a bit. :)