"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

22 November 2013

Busy But Blessed

Well, we have been in school now for 10 weeks.....my 9th grader just received her first high school report card.........and are starting the 2nd quarter!

And here in the States, we are less than a week away from Thanksgiving.

It's been a busy week.....but I can find some blessings!


  • Smooth Routine:  Last Saturday afternoon, I had to drive Dave to the airport after taking Claire to a ballet class.  Dave has been in Colorado all week for work and I am so grateful that Claire and I had a smooth routine at home and at school/work/extracurricular activities and that no major issues occurred with the house or my car while he's been away. I am also thankful that he is coming home late tonight!

photo courtesy of Samaritan's Purse Ministry
  • PACKING PARTY: On Sunday afternoon, I hosted an Operation Christmas Child packing party for the moms in my small group. Our service project for the month was to pack a shoe-box with our teen.  I had a good turn-out with just about everyone participating.  We all brought a different hygiene item and placed the various items in our boxes along with the other toys, etc. that we had  bought with our teen.  Claire loves shopping and packing for a young child in another country and we collected 9 boxes!  Then, a neighbor down the street learned what we were doing and volunteered to do a box with her 8th grade son!  I'm so thankful for the wonderful ministry of Samaritan's Purse and this annual project they do every year....giving those of us who are not missionaries a chance to do something for a child and help to spread God's message of Love.

  • Great Grades: Claire received her first high school report card on Wednesday in the mail.  We were thrilled to see that she earned a 95.8 GPA with her lowest grade being a 92 and her highest being 100!  Great  grades while juggling 3 clubs, 3 ballet classes per week, plus youth group every week.  She does still have a little bit of a social life at least once a month....sometimes less...but these  teens today have so much homework!!  Even more than when her oldest sister went through the high school.  She does still find time to practice violin a little bit on some weekends, too.  We are so thankful for her hard work!

  • THANKSGIVING PLANS: Courtney, our junior in college, informed me this past week that she is bringing a "guy friend" to Thanksgiving at the beach house.  At first I thought "I am sooo not ready for this!!" She says he is from CA and since Gordon College only gets Wednesday-Friday off, he really couldn't fly home.  We are excited to meet him....every student, both guy and girl, that we have met from Gordon, are very respectful young people.  It will  be so awesome to see my oldest girl in less than a week!!

  • Classical Music:  this week I have been fortunate to have heard some excellent classical and baroque pieces in the car while driving home from work or running errands after dinner.  It really relaxes me when I'm driving and when I'm weary of listening to the same old pop Christian top ten over and over!  I love how classical and baroque music is so soothing. I kind of miss my piano studies......and am determined to get back into it as soon as I get my piano tuned which is on the to do list for Xmas vacation!!!
That wraps up my faves......

.........how about you? won't you consider leaving a comment about what you are thankful for and what blessed you this week?  
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Have a happy weekend!!


Dianna said...

I am so glad that you had such a good week and had no major problems while your husband was away with his job, Faith.

Oh...what a happy reunion is going to be taking place with your family soon when that college girl of yours brings a "guy friend" to your beach house!

And Claire certainly is a hard working young lady! I'd say she has had a very good example in her mama. ,)

Have a wonderful reunion with your hubby tonight!

Today I am thankful for a deeper focus on Jesus.

Melanie Lopata said...

Hooray Claire on an awesome report card!! Amber did awesome on hers as well but she always does...NOTHING like me when I was in school!!

I loved doing those Christmas boxes. Didn't do one this year, not sure why.

Thanksgiving sounds FUN, hope you all have a great time :)

ellen b. said...

Hi Faithe,
That packing party sounds fabulous. That's wonderful that you can have the young man from Gordon over when he has no place to go this year. So many students can't fly home to be with their families what a treat to be invited to Thanksgiving dinner instead of sitting in the dorm...

Joyful Reader said...

Hurray for your freshman! She has a lot on her plate to make such great grades. I used to love those packing parties when we were involved in a bigger church. Such a great cause! Hope you have a great Thanksgiving with Everyone! I'm sure he is very thankful that you allowed him to come since his family is so far away. I love classical music to relax me. Right now while I am preparing our Thanksgiving feast for tomorrow I am listening to Kenny G Miracles. Helping to keep me calm when so much is going on around me! Hope you have a blessed holiday!

Barbara H. said...

Way to go, Claire, on the good report card! And the packing party sounds like fun and as well as being meaningful.

Sometimes I like to turn everything else off and listen to the classics, too. The beauty and harmony of good music glorifies God even if it is not directly about God.

It's always nice when things go smoothly when hubby is away.

Kathie said...

Congratulations to Claire - I'm not surprised though. She must be disciplined to do so well in ballet and that is obviously carrying over to her studies. well done!

I'm with you on classical music. I get tired of a steady diet of pop Christian although I love praise and worship music. Our piano was tuned this week and I'm really enjoying playing it.

It will be interesting to meet the "Guy friend" - try to get some pictures :) jk!

Have a blessed weekend!

Jerralea said...

The packing party sounds great - it is so awesome to see everyone giving in such a manner.

Sometimes instrumental music soothes me as well. I love piano music and sometimes will play it at the office. (When I'm the only one there -- which is most of the time.)

bj said...

I am thankful today because my husband has the next week off. and I am happy for Faithe that her husband will be home soon. :)

Willow said...

If that 'guy friend' is from CA, I'm SURE he's a great guy :)
Wow, Claire is certainly to be congratulated--great grades while doing all those other activities.
Happy Thanksgiving!