"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

03 January 2014

new year faves

It's a new calendar year!

and with that come the goals (or for some people, resolutions) we want to accomplish in our lives.

One goal I have from year to year is to find the little things to be grateful for, because our Lord wants us to glorify Him, be thankful in ALL things...even the hard things, on hard days, and know that all things are from Him. So....once again, as long as our gracious hostess Susanne continues to do this each week, I will be participating in her Friday Fave Five meme. 

photo courtesy of Cheryl A Blask Photography
at the end of the yellow trail
Mine Kill State Park, NYS
  • FIRST HIKE OF THE WINTER!  Last Saturday was a sunny, warm day and a good friend of mine had sent me a message asking if I wanted to do a hike. It was a super spontaneous thing but I love spontaneity so said YES!  My husband wanted to do other things, and the girls were sleeping in, so I got my self ready in literally 10 minutes and headed out to drive about an hour southwest of where I live. It was glorious! The temps were in the lower 40s and there was no snow except in a few places deep in the woods. We hiked about 3 miles and would have done more if we had had an earlier start.  We also drove up the road a bit to view the famous Mine Kill Falls.  We only had to hike in a little ways to the overlook for that.  We started the trail to it from inside the park, but the trail ended at the creek, due to a washed out bridge.  We plan on going back in the spring to do the rest of that particular trail and finish another trail we didn't have time for. NY really does do a wonderful job of keeping the state park trails open all year.....we were fortunate to be hiking the last Saturday of December....a true fave activity for me....even though it wasn't in the Adirondacks!  It still felt great to be out and hiking in God's amazing creation!

along the trail in Mine Kill State Park
28 December 2013

The Mine Kill Falls
Blenheim, NY
28 December 2013

photo courtesy of mcmill digital art site
  • BOOKS! I've been enjoying these days off to read!  And read! and read! I finished a novel and started a new one; I plugged away at a non-fiction personal spiritual growth book I've been working on for a few months; I've read a small book of prayer poems and a cooking magazine.  I started diving into an Adirondack Mountain history and trail book I received from one of my sisters as a Christmas gift and of course that led me to reading some trailguides online.  All in all, it's been a good week to read, curled up in the living room with a steaming mug of coffee and the snow falling outside.  A fave way to start the winter season!
the ice sleigh sculpture
at Faneuil Hall, Boston
New Year's Eve
  • FIRST NIGHT! The four of us had to travel back to Dave's hometown to do Christmas with his parents on Monday, so we decided if the weather wasn't bad, we would take the T in to the city and spend New Year's Eve in Boston on Tuesday afternoon.  It was sunny but cold...and virtually no snow! The ice sculptures were beautiful!  We were all bundled up and had so much fun attending various First Night events all afternoon and early evening.  We had a yummy lunch in this place while warming up after strolling through the Hydes Center and around the Commons.  Then we headed over here to an organ concert that was absolutely phenomenal.....music from Mary Poppins, Pink Panther movies, Nutcracker Ballet dances, and a couple of other selections. It was loved by all of us.And we're not usually organ fans!  We also walked in the public gardens and "skated" across the pond....so.much.fun! We warmed up with hot cocoas and coffees and then started walking part of the Freedom Trail to Quincy Market and Faneuil Hall to grab some dinner and warm up again.  We enjoyed all the festive decorations and lights...and the line to get pics on the ice sleigh were short so we did that.  We then headed back to the Commons to catch the rest of the Family Fireworks  It was one of the best new year's eves we have had  in a long time...just the 4 of us!

photo courtesy of Courtney E T
A Penrose  Triangle!
31 December

  • SLEEPING IN!  It has been so nice to sleep in til 7:30 or 8 a.m.!  I have loved just doing simple stretches and then getting out of bed in a warm fleece robe and making coffee and sitting in my family room....enjoying the newspaper or the Bible or a book...or all 3.  What a luxury and a definite fave in the winter!
Family Room
  •  CLEANED UP and RE-ARRANGED:  Yesterday, I had a lot of cleaning to do since we were gone for 3 days earlier this week.  I had taken down the Christmas tree last Sunday, but the rest of the holiday decor had to be taken down, put away and packed in the basement.  After I did that, I tackled the family room because it needed a good dusting.  I vacuumed, dusted, moved furniture to our winter arrangement (to open up a heating vent that the sofa is usually over during the warmer months).  This arrangement isn't my fave but I can handle it for the 3 months of winter. It felt great to get this task done. I even had enough energy to do the same thing in the living room! Today, the upstairs will get a thorough cleaning and then I can enjoy the weekend! That is another perk about being home these last 2 weeks! Getting household tasks completed before the weekend arrives, is always a fave with me.  

That wraps up the week!

how about leaving a comment stating at least one blessing that God brought to you this week?

I hope you all have had a healthy and safe start to the new year........


Mrs. C (Paula) said...

My biggest blessing this week was time spent with family. I can never get too much of that! ;) Looks like you had a very relaxing week. Enjoy the rest of your break from school!

Susanne said...

Your day of hiking looks like a beautiful day! I'm afraid I have been totally lazy over the holidays and didn't do any kind of exercise whatsoever. Back to the gym today!

Boston looks like a wonderful place to spend New Years! Lots to see and do.

Enjoy your last day of holidays and stay warm!

Anonymous said...
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Barbara H. said...

Isn't it funny how 7:30 to 8 is sleeping in these days? :-) It's so nice not to have to set the alarm clock.

Sounds like you had a nice balance of family time, celebrations, and getting things done around the house! The First Night activities sound really fun.

Susan said...

What a lovely home you have, Faith, and how much better to have it all cleaned and rearranged before the weekend.

I LOVE sleeping in. And then being able to read is so decadent. Glad you had time to do these. Your list of new books sounds very delightful. This was my year of books too.

Have a happy weekend.

PS Sorry, I don't know how I did an anonymous comment before. Ohhh, I see. I clicked "Anonymous" instead of "Publish Your Comment."

nikkipolani said...

Goodness, that hike looks absolutely gorgeous! 40s is a bit cool for my thin blood, but you probably thought it was pretty temperate for December! Your new tidy room looks very comfy -- how interesting that you have a specifically winter. Mmmm, books and leisure time. What could be better?!

Mia said...

First time here from Susanne's Fave Five- What a lovely hike! That picture of the falls is beautiful. And how nice to have all that peaceful time to read and rest over the holidays. :o)

Willow said...

Oh yes, all that relaxing around is just wonderful. Sleeping in, taking hikes, visiting Boston...You've had a great week!
My best blessing? spending the day with my three grandkids!