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27 May 2016

End of May Faves

How in the world is it the end of May already???!

Whew....this school year is almost done.  As of June 22, I will be finished working for 10 blessed weeks and my baby will be a senior in high school!

For now, let's look back on the week and find FIVE FAVES to be thankful for. I'm linking up with other bloggers giving thanks over at Susanne's site.

  • FLOWERS PLANTED!  During the week, I had a free evening so I planted some flowers in my deck containers.  They are so cheerful looking and although the deck needs to be re-painted, at least I have some colorful flowers for now. These are on the rail behind our deck table and I have 3 pots of flowers, one for each step that forms the corner of one side of the deck.  Sadly, that photo didn't come out very well.  But the pots contain more pansies and some light purple petunias. I love spring flowers that last through the summer months.
a male duck swims by my kayak

paddling on Moreau Lake
photo taken by my neighbor Melissa 

Melissa in Dave's kayak.
  • SUNDAY AFTERNOON KAYAKING:  Oh my.  What a relaxing late afternoon my neighbor/friend Melissa and I had on Sunday.  After church, the sun came out and it was quite warm, so I decided to go for a paddle on the lake.  Because it is only 35 minutes north of my home, I don't mind running up there late in the day.  In fact, I prefer an early morning paddle or a late day paddle. My neighbor really wanted to go too so I told her she could use Dave's kayak as he didn't care about going. There were several people on the lake in kayaks or canoes.  The beach won't open until Monday for swimming but several families were in the picnic area and I noticed the campground had quite a few campers. We saw a family of ducks, a heron flew over our heads landing on the beach right in front of us, and we saw a family of geese with 3 goslings.  I'm so thankful I had that time in nature....I love God's creation!

  • HUSBAND'S HELP!  My husband texted me after work one day this week asking if I still needed potting soil and mulch.  To which I replied a resounding YES!  I was not into going back out after work as that particular day had been very hectic in the kindergarten so his thoughtfulness in buying these items for me make my faves!  I'm thankful for my husband Dave.
image courtesy of novu website
  • ICED COFFEE!  Oh my goodness.  We went from chilly spring weather last week to early summer weather this week even though the calendar says it is still spring!  But I'm not complaining as I LOVE summer.  After work, I was quite hot, though, and stopped a couple of different times for iced green tea or coffee.  One of my faves this week has been the iced mocha latte with just skim milk from DD.  Love this refreshing drink and I don't miss the sugar at all.  Of course the mocha still has sugar but I never get the extra anymore.  And I tell them just one pump of mocha for a medium drink.  Yummy!!

  • ENCOURAGING EMAIL:  I made a decision this past week to step down in a leadership role I've been involved in at church.  You can read about why here.  I also, of course, had to email the small group pastor about this and received such an encouraging email back from him.  I'm thankful for my church and the leadership there. They are the BEST! 
That wraps up my week.

I hope you all enjoy the long Memorial Day weekend here in the States...make it a restful one with all your favorite things!


Barbara H. said...

The flowers look nice! And yay for hubby getting the supplies you needed.

The kayaking looks and sounds relaxing.

I have tended to struggle with stepping down at certain times, too, but have found every time that God had someone waiting in the wings who needed to take that step in their own spiritual journey. It helps when your leadership understands and encourages - glad yours did!

ellen b said...

yippee for 10 weeks to refresh! Pretty pot of plants. I love Pansies. Your kayaking time looks so nice and relaxing. Glad your neighbor went with you. That was sweet of your husband to think of what you might need. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

aspiritofsimplicity said...

We have flowers here in the Boston area but it is really just beginning to warm up. I love this time of year and I love Memorial Day. Hope you have a wonderful weekend.

Susanne said...

It's so nice when the flowers are done and you can just enjoy them. I see you on the deck with that iced coffee and a book or your devotions. How nice of your hubby to offer to pick up what you needed. When my hubby does that it's always a real blessing!

Willow said...

Wow, lots happening with you this week. I'm glad you got the potting soil and flowers! I think that iced latte on the back porch would be just perfect! And your kayaking? Sweet!!

Jerralea said...

I'm learning to love iced coffees, too. I'm a big fan of mocha as well.

Love your lake pictures! As you know I go to the lake a lot. I don't get IN the lake, I either hike around it or just sit around it looking at it (and taking pictures). There is something so healing about just enjoying the peace and quiet and the sun and the water. It recharges my spiritual batteries so to speak.

Stepping down from a position is very hard but if God leads you to do that, you know it will be for the best. As you said in your other post, sometimes He leads you into a different season. I'm praying you will be led by the Holy Spirit as you do your writing.

Wendy said...

Sounds like a good week. It's hard to step down from things sometimes so I'm glad you were supported in your decision.