"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

19 May 2016

Mid-May Faves

On Fridays I like to link up with Susanne's space and share five of my fave events/places/people/things....it's a time to be grateful for the big and small in our lives that God blesses us with and this writing exercise is a great way to do that. I find that if we have an attitude of gratitude, it can help even the darkness days shine a bit brighter. 

  •  KAYAKING! My husband decided we would register our two single kayaks (and leave the tandem at home) at one of our fave lakes/state parks just 35 minutes north of our home and leave them there for the season. (the season goes until Columbus Day).  I've been wanting to do this for a couple of years so I'm so thankful he did this with me on Saturday morning.  What a gorgeous morning!  We were there by 9:15 and by 9:45 I was paddling!  My first time out on the lake since last summer.  It was heavenly.  Now, whenever I feel like kayaking, I can just go up any morning once summer break gets here or after work any evening in June and again in September. We have a good locking system now so I feel good about leaving them there.  There are probably about 15 other boats there as well.  NYS lets kayaks and canoes stay there as long as we register them, pay the fee, and have a locking system. And the best part is no motor boats are allowed here!! I was the only one on the lake except for 2 fishermen in canoes.  It was just amazing.

Dave decided to stay on the shoreline and do some reading.

Saturday morning as seen from the seat of my kayak

the boat launch area of Moreau Lake State Park
Saratoga region of NYS

  • INSPIRING WORDS:  This past week was a little stressful in some ways.  I am thankful for the encouraging words of dear friends and sisters-in-Christ as well as this quote I posted on FB.  I'm also thankful that God has shown me just who my true friends are and who are the more superficial or shallow ones are and you know what?  Although I care for and love with the love of Christ my more superficial friends, the Lord showed me how and when to let go and then deepen the more meaningful friendships I do have. It's hard to explain but I've been feeling like some people in my life are just there when it is convenient or when they need something and I'm so done with all of that.  I'm thankful the Lord has put true friends and family into my life so we can encourage and  build each other up. 

  • SAFE TRAVELS: both girls had trips this past week. My oldest had a wedding to attend on the north shore and was going by her self, meeting friends there and staying for the first time alone in an inn.  Thankfully she had a great trip and no problems going or coming home.  My youngest had a school trip with other Russian students down to NYC for a day and thankfully all was well there too.  I'm so thankful for the hand of God in our lives keeping us safe this past week.

the wagon where "make your own tacos" was set up

  • STAFF APPRECIATION DAY!  This past Tuesday was the Staff Appreciation Luncheon our PTA puts on for us at the school.  This year's theme was Texas style.  The decor was adorable!  The food was "Texas style'.  Items were things like a make your own taco bar, various southwestern type salads, empanadas, desserts.  I had a taco with just rice and veggies, plus a zucchini salad, and chocolate chip dessert bread.  Everything was yummy and it's just so nice to have one day during the school year we feel "appreciated" by the parents.

  • RELAXING EVENINGS:  I was lazy this week!!  I didn't work out at all and I just did light housework after work.  After dinner, I did some laundry but then just sat and read or worked on some photo projects I'm involved in.  I also got all caught up with my women's Bible study book.  It felt great to have a lazy week!  Of course this weekend, I will be back to working out!

That wraps up my FIVE FAVES.  What were some blessings from your week?  feel free to share in the comment section.

Have a happy, restful weekend!


Susanne said...

The lake looks absolutley peaceful. I can understand why you love kayaking so much. I'm always very thankful when the kids travel and get back home safe and sound. Sounds like the girls had some fun things going on!

Gattina said...

Real friends are very precious ! I also had a rather lazy week behind me !

Deb said...

Sounds like a great week! Mine week was far too busy - end of the school year run, run, run. I am hoping next week things will calm down for at least a few days. Kayaking looks and sounds so neat. No place to do that around here. So glad that your daughters were safe on their trips. Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

I haven't tried kayaking, though my husband and sons have, and I have always thought it looked so peaceful.

Love that quote. Glad your girls had safe travels. The staff appreciation day is such a great idea.

I've had a few lazy days here and there - would love to have a whole week of catching up on some of those quiet projects. Glad you had that this week!

ellen b said...

How nice to kayak on a quiet lake! Love the photo from the kayak. Glad your girls had safe trips. What a fun theme for the staff appreciation day! The food choices sound so delicious. Have a great weekend.

Karen said...

I'm in awe of you and others who like to kayak. I am comfortable in the water, but I think I would feel too restricted to be in a kayak. But it sounds like a lovely way to enjoy that beautiful lake!

Willow said...

I've never been in a kayak. Can you believe that??
I'm glad too that your girls traveled safely. Their adventures sound like fun times for them.
Your teacher appreciation lunch sounds yummu!