"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

25 July 2016

Reaping Peace

"Jesus isn't offering circumstantial peace!" said the guest pastor at my church on Sunday morning. (the sermon was given by one of the youth pastor's from our sister site to the north of us as our senior pastor was away).

HUH??  Ok, so yeah, the Scripture shown above isn't about the deep lasting peace of Christ.  But what does it mean??

Peace is something we all crave.  The world is constantly looking for peace.  But the kind of peace the world talks about is situational/circumstantial.  Meaning.....no more war, no more arguements, no more division. But Jesus said there WOULD be division!  

This means that there will be strife...a dis-unity among the people.  And the "sword" is His Word...it is Truth....and it divides between that Truth and the false teachings. It divides good from evil. Some people will accept Jesus and Truth.  And some will reject it. 

As I sat in the sanctuary listening to this sermon, I thought about how the peace of Jesus really does pass beyond all of our understanding.  And I thought how far I have come to really understand the difference between the peace of Jesus and the peace the world craves.

We can have peace in the midst of chaos!!  How do we attain that?

There is a calm and a confidence in this promise of Christ.  True peace...the kind that Jesus leaves with us, is a spiritual stability. Satan wants us to be fixated on the circumstances...He wants us to dwell on the thoughts of circumstantial peace....He doesn't want us to be intimate with our Savior.  So Satan comes along and tries to rob us of our inner peace by having us think on the negative things.  Maybe we are anxious or worried about something. That is not peace!

But even in a situation where it is normal to feel worried, we can have true peace. How do we get it??  By being spiritually stable.  How do we attain that stability??

  • By striving for peace with one another.  By being in unity in the local church, our families, our friendships. Maybe you need to let go, and just forgive. There is much freedom in that. And with that freedom comes peace.

  • By being more intentional about giving your worries over to God...God really does care about our lives!  If we have given Him our hearts, souls, and minds....then He cares what happens to us! He wants to commune with us.  

  • Think!  On the things mentioned in Philippians 4 (pictured above).

  • Do! Put these things into practice....the things Jesus talks about!
He says we are NOT to be anxious.  If we are worried, we are not trusting Him.

And if we aren't trusting Him, we will not know Joy.

and in Joy, comes Peace.

The more we cling to Christ...and give Him each and every anxious thought, worry, fear, conflict, the more we will reap the blessing of deep joy...that joy.....(which is different from happiness) leads to that inner peace we all crave.

don't let Satan get a foothold in your thoughts.  This is why God talks about spiritual battles and why He has given us a formula in Ephesians 6:10-18.  

Let's strive to put on the armor of God....and to resist Satan.........

and in so doing, we will reap Peace.

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Melanie Lopata said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhh this is definitely print-worthy! I've been struggling with this. I hate division and strife and have a lot of anxiety in my life. Thanks for this one!