"Even when the rainbow seems to pass right by me....I'm still finding Gold in the clouds....."

06 January 2017


HAPPY NEW YEAR to all my blogging friends!

Last week, we were away in Plymouth County, MA so I missed the FFF.  I'm happy to be back here to share five of my fave blessings from the last couple of weeks.  How about joining in and linking up with us at Susanne's site? 

 It is GOOD to give thanks to the Lord and find the blessings in this busy life.

  • COLLEGE ACCEPTANCE!  Claire received her first college acceptance letter in the mail on Xmas Eve!  The University of New Hampshire/Durham has offered her a place in their Honors Program and the Presidential Scholarship.  We were so happy for her!  She was very excited.  (she's still waiting to hear from another one).  UNH has everything she wants:  Russian and Sociology (Both are very good depts there) with a minor in International Affairs and a chance to continue ballet!  We are thankful for this acceptance and give God all the glory.

  • FAMILY VISIT:  We visited my dad the day after Christmas and he was so happy to see all of us.  We gave him his gifts and spent time talking with him.  Sadly, he couldn't remember our names but he did know the girls were his granddaughters and that I was his daughter. He seemed to remember Dave.  It was a good visit.  Then a few days later, we traveled in the other direction to Plymouth County, MA where we did a quick overnight visit with Dave's folks to exchange gifts with them.  It was a wonderful visit full of good food and a fun board game.  Family is something I never want to take for  granted. I'm so thankful we still have my dad and in-laws.

  • GOOD BOOK!  I just started the book pictured above.  Oh my goodness what a treat.  I was so surprised when Deb from this blog messaged me that she wanted to send it to me.  She had read it and enjoyed it.  I am loving it!!  The topic of keeping a Sabbath...even if it is not on a Sunday, has always been important to me. God tells us we need REST! I'm savoring it and most likely will end up either keeping this book and letting friends borrow it, or I will "pay it forward" and give to a friend and then go and buy my own copy!  Thanks again Deb for this awesome book!!  I'm reading it during my evening quiet time which is something I am also thankful for....long winter evenings with time to read!

  • K-CUPS:  yes, this is just a small blessing.  But I am thankful for them because it means I can come home, pop one in the Keurig for a late afternoon coffee on these colder winter days without having to deal with the coffee maker.  We have all different kinds of flavors and my current fave is the Green Mountain French Vanilla. YUMMY! 

  • STRESS FREE DENTAL VISIT!  Yesterday I had a dental appt after work because I had lost a small piece of enamel from my right front center tooth.  No one else could tell it was missing but I was petrified that my tooth was structurally damaged and would need a crown.  Hallelujah!  My dentist (who knows I am "nervous nelly" when it comes to my teeth) said there is NO decay there, (never had to have a filling in that tooth) and NO damage to the actual tooth.  He quickly bonded it, polished it and I'm good as new.  Whew. SO thankful for dental insurance through my husband and a good family dentist!
That wraps up my FFF.  

What were your faves from the week?

I hope you have a restful weekend from work......HAPPY WEEKEND!


Barbara H. said...

Congratulations to Claire! So glad you had good family visits on both sides. And that your tooth could be fixed with minimum work. That book sounds interesting. Happy new year!

Wendy said...

Congratulations to Claire. You're definitely lucky to still have your Dad and in-laws. Sadly none of our parents are still with us. But we have a Grandson expected in June so we're looking forward to the next generation. Good to hear about your tooth - I hate going to the dentist too. Have a good weekend.

ellen b said...

Hats off to Claire! How wonderful. Stress free dental visit speaks to me. I am so traumatized at the dentist...oye. Hope you have a wondrful weekend.

Gattina said...

Congratulations to Claire's acceptance ! I also stress when I have to go to the dentist, although she is very good and had never hurt me !

Deb said...

Hi Faith - thanks for the kind words. I am glad you are enjoying the book. Congrats to your daughter on her college acceptance. We are waiting for word to see if Josh gets into the college he wants to attend. We think he will get in - but getting the scholarship that would make it affordable for us is another question. Sounds like you are staying warm and cozy during the cold winter. Enjoy your weekend and I will pop in for a visit again soon!

Willow said...

Great news for Claire! I'm glad for her--especially the scholarship.
Yes, treasure each moment with your parents--I still miss mine, every day, and it has been many years.
Sabbath rest is important and we seem to have forgotten that. The book sounds like an interesting read.
Happy Weekend!

Willow said...

Oh, I meant to mention--yeah, I'm not a fan of dental work. I love my dentist as he is fantastic and very compassionate with me.

Jerralea said...

Congratulations on the scholarship! What a wonderful blessing.

I'm a big fan of Shelly's book and am really examining ways to incorporate rest into my schedule. If you get any insights, please share!

Our office just got a Keurig and I'm excited about trying all the flavors, so please keep sharing when you run across a good one.

Susanne said...

Congratulations to Claire! That is wonderful news! That book caught my eye on Deb's site too. I'm going to look for it sometime this year. Right now I'm doing a daily devotional on becoming a woman at peace.

So nice that you and your family had a wonderful visit with your dad over the holidays. Glad your dental visit wasn't too involved.

Paula said...

I'm so happy for Claire! The next few months will be huge for her. Wishing you God's very best in 2017, Faith. 🙂