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11 May 2009

Tuesdays Treasure

The treasure I am sharing with you is this picture!

My husband took this of Courtney with Dave's dad (Grampa T.) and our niece, Elizabeth (Liz or Beth depending on her mood, and Courtney's cousin). They are sitting at Fenway Park on Saturday, watching the Red Sox get beat. Oh well......it's because my husband was there. Every time he attends a major league baseball game, the team he is rooting for loses. But they had a ball. (no pun intended)

Why is this a "treasure"?
Because it is very special to do things with grandparents.

My father in law LOVES spending time with his grandchildren. He was surprised that they had tickets. He thought it was just Dave, his other son Pete (Beth's dad) and him. His birthday is next week so this was a perfect treat for him.
I feel that spending time with extended family is a real treasure.....I just wish my side of the family spent more time with each other. (some of us do). My daughters are blessed to be growing up really connecting with, and being friends with their cousins. I had lots of cousins but barely knew them. I love that Courtney and Claire know all of their cousins and that we carve out time to spend with them. They have a cousin in CA whom we see less of, of course, but at least once a year they get to visit with Hanna when she is here on the East Coast. They have 3 cousins on my side of the family and 6 cousins on my hubby's side.
Spending time with family and doing fun things with them is truly a treasure!

What do you consider to be a treasure?
Feel free to share it either on your own blog, or leave me a comment about what it is you are treasuring today!


Susanne said...

Time with grandparents is really a blessing! Growing up I had no grandparents here in Canada. I've met them once in my whole life and I know I missed out on some real richness. I thank God that I had others who stepped in and filled that role in my life.

Erin said...

I just love this pic Faith. Spending time with the grandparents truly is a treasure!

e-Mom said...

Those girls sure love mugging for the camera! :~D

Connie Marie said...

Yes, that is a treasure and I am happy that your family sees the value in it. Not all families are blessed in this way. Enjoy it - since you can!

I love the picture!

I treasure the times that my whole family can be together. It gets harder to do when they grow up and get married!